Friday Letter, 9-9-16

Posting a Friday Letter on Friday, rather than Thursday, elicits several emotions for me. For you too?  First, it marks the end of our 4-10 summer work schedule…which I really like and will miss.  Second, it marks that we are on the verge of convocation and fall quarter, which is exciting.  And third, it means fall is here and I really like the transition of seasons.

For my office, the week has involved wrapping up several planning processes.

  • Convocation seems ready to go. We’ll unwrap that for you on September 19.
  • We are figuring out how to get everyone hired to fill vacancies. This particular effort will be a tough road, so I ask for your patience as we get through all of the processes.
  • During Dede’s continued absence, I am trying to figure out how to put together a Board of Trustees September Agenda. I think I’ve remembered everything.
  • I’ve been working with the executive team each week to continue updating our data and analysis of Theme 5 of the Strategic Plan (Institutional Infrastructure).

More of what’s in store for us through the year will be revealed at Convocation!

You may have noticed that Leadership Eastside has been with us on campus since yesterday. We host their annual summer kick-off event each year. Leadership Eastside’s goal is to train our community about adaptive leadership to help evolve the effective functioning and success of the Eastside. Today’s high point comes when the mayors of all the Eastside cities arrive on campus for a talk with the learners in the program. I get the opportunity to have lunch with the mayors and this event has turned out to be one of our most visible means of connecting with our service area.

Next week is relatively quiet for my office, but I know folks are gearing up for a heavy couple of weeks. Please let any of us on the executive team know if you need anything.

Have a great weekend.

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