Friday Letter, 9-1-16

For staff, this is the last week of 4-10’s, so I hope you very much enjoy tomorrow and the long weekend! I will be headed down to Clover Park Technical College tomorrow to have lunch with two of our new faculty as they go through New Faculty Orientation.  I always enjoy getting to spend a little time with the new faculty as they begin.

Thanks to the HR & Payroll team for their assistance and feedback in interviewing two candidates for an interim HR Executive Director.  Knowing that we have an extreme number of open positions currently in the pipeline, with the approach of a busy fall and holiday season, and with my desire to get a bit more input on the skills we seek in a new executive, I have decided to temporarily fill Gina’s position with an interim and begin the search for a permanent replacement in January.  This will give us time to get through the current crunch and allow me some time to work with the campus to develop a list of important qualities we seek in the new leader.

After conducting the interviews, I have offered the positon to Dr. Patricia Hutcherson.  Tentatively, her first day will be October 3 and she will have a minimum 6 month contract. Dr. Hutcherson has been an elementary school principal, a K-12 grant writer, and spent 7 years at South Puget Sound Community College as their HR Director.  Hopefully this will allow full continuity in the service HR provides.

Onto another topic…

I wanted to share an email exchange that I recently received. The first email was received on August 23 at 7:20pm.  The final email in the chain was sent August 25 at 9:38am.  The whole thing basically happened within one working day.  It’s best to read it for yourself.  It exemplifies Cascadia exactly and I know this type of responsiveness happens all over campus!


Dr. Sutton –

I am purchasing text books for 3 grandchildren.  When we were checking Cascadia’s class schedule we noticed NONE of the English 102 faculty have posted their fall book requirements.  Is there a deadline by which they must post the books?  As retired faculty from another college I know the department chair often has the responsibility for departmental posting. If this is true at Cascadia is it possible for someone in the instructional office to give this person a reminder? I would like to get the books purchased before I leave on a trip. Thank you for your assistance.

RosemaryWhat a good idea to buy your grandchildren text books!   I’ll check with the Dean’s office and we will get back to you, 

Todd (to Pat and Rosemary):

Here are two details from the Dean’s office.

First, many English 102 instructors make reading materials available through our course management systems, especially materials needed in the first weeks of class. They do this both to customize content for their courses and also to keep costs down—class materials distributed through our course management system are free to students.

Second, most faculty provide students with the first two or three course readings because many of our students acquire their books fairly late in the process. They shop online for the best price. Faculty post initial readings so that their classes can get underway while students acquire textbooks.

All this said, if you, Pat, know the sections of English 102 in which your grandchildren are enrolled, I can follow up with faculty and get you textbook information.

PatTodd, Thank you so much for the quick reply.  I am buying books for 3 grandchildren but only 1 attends Cascadia.  The other 2 are at UW Seattle and Eastern.  My Cascadia student is in English 102, section 4.

As a retired faculty from another local college, I continue to be amazed at immediate assistance to both students and families by Cascadia staff.

ToddWe are small, so we try to be responsive.  I’ve got an email out to the faculty person. Should have an answer in the next day or so.

PatMy college was also small, but not very responsive!

ToddMy instructor has already gotten back to me (talk about responsive).   I’ll paste in the information for you.

PatMany thanks!  I will continue to spread the good news about Cascadia!

(And now back to Eric)…well done.  It speaks for itself.

Finally, another shout out to Lyn Eisenhour and the whole team that supports our Basic Education program. We just ranked #6 out of the state’s 44 Basic Ed providers in terms of student gains & progression.  The extra resources we allocated to the Basic Ed program and the continued dedication of the staff and faculty are paying off in terms of student success.  It is a program that doesn’t get much attention on our campus but one that is needed in our community.  Thanks to the team.

We continue to have successes on campus even as we move through leadership changes, are trying to fill a number of vacancies, and manage enrollment growth. It’s life at a small college and the rewards come as we see our students progress despite all of our challenges.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Friday Letter, 9-1-16

  1. Kathy Biagi, Joanna Muir, Rosa Pielle, and Gaby Webb do incredible work supporting our Basic Education students, as do our incredible faculty in that area. The credit is theirs!

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