Andrew Park, Yours Truly Marketing Director

Interview conducted by Thaddeus Vale

Andrew Park, our Marketing Director for the 2017 edition of Yours Truly, shares his enthusiasm for marketing Cascadia’s creative arts magazine and promoting courageous creativity in all forms. Andrew is excited to share Yours Truly with our community at our launch event on June 5th!

Photo credit: Thaddeus Vale

Q: Why did you apply for the Marketing Director position this year?
A: In the Fall Quarter when I took Humanities 210 and learned about Yours Truly, I was on the campus marketing team and the goal was getting people to submit to our publication. After setting a record of 307 submissions, it gave me a feeling that the marketing was a success, and then I could bring all the takeaways from that into the job as the Marketing Director for the launch event and the magazine.

Q: What do you do in your role as Marketing Director?
A: First of all, one thing I do is lead my team in introducing the launch event and our magazine to the campus. Marketing means promotion, so we are promoting this year’s edition of Yours Truly at the launch event so people can learn more about the publication we have to offer.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge for your team this quarter?
A: Out of all the challenges I’ve seen, the biggest problem is knowing how to promote the launch event effectively. We have to know how we are going to bring our student body, former students, and faculty to the main event and create full interest in our magazine.

Q: How will you lead your team to handle it?
A: One of the most important steps is taking into account of everyone’s input seriously and identifying how we introduce our launch event to our campus. We will work with as many ideas as we receive and figure out what’s best for us as the marketing team, as well as the community we’re trying to reach out to. When we get the word out, we have to stay true to the values, image, identity, and expectations of Cascadia and our Yours Truly magazine.

Q: What do you wish to see at the launch event?
A: I would like to see a packed crowd of individuals who really wish to learn how to express their creativity with courage. I want them to create a successful piece to submit for future publications, too (our next submission period is Nov. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017, BTW!). I hope we attract people who are unfamiliar with Yours Truly who wish to learn about creativity at Cascadia.

Q: What do you want to notice the first moment you open up the magazine?
A: I wish to see high quality works with a clear meaning in the publication. I hope that the pieces have high emotional meaning and are significant to people who view the publication. I want our whole community to be proud of this year’s issue.

Q: If the budget were unlimited, what would you do?
A: Honestly, I think it’s a good thing the budget is not unlimited. If the budget were unlimited, people would have the tendency to randomly and mindlessly try out ideas inconsistent with the quality and the aesthetics we truly want in the magazine. A limited budget challenges people to be mindful of the emotional appeal and the visual qualities we really want in our Yours Truly Magazine.

Q: What is the key to success in your position?
A: Being an active listener and a communicator is a serious matter since this is a teamwork-oriented task. I have to communicate well with others on my team to get the word out about our launch event, so our community can get to know our publication.

Q: If a future member of your role wanted to ask for advice, what would you tell them?
A: The first step of marketing purpose is know what you want to achieve. It’s important to know how we want to introduce the magazine to our community so they’re interested in learning about the creative side we have to offer. It’s also important to be a true team player and be able to work with anyone with comfort and an open mind.

Q: What theme does this year’s publication reflect from your point of view?
A: Based on all the selections we’ve made a quarter ago, I’ve noticed a diverse range of subject matter. Each piece has its own unique qualities and strengths we can appreciate and be proud of.

Q: How do you feel Yours Truly contributes to our Cascadia community?
A: It encourages our community to be creative, be brave, and take risks to allow their imaginations to flourish. Any creative idea can be good in its own unique way if you know how to express your creative imagination with courage.

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Shaun Segraves, Yours Truly Editor in Chief

Interview conducted by Thaddeus Vale

Shaun Segraves, our Editor in Chief for the 2017 edition of Yours Truly, shares what it’s like to lead a publication team and champion our creative arts magazine on campus. With his stellar management, communication, and editing skills, Shaun is model for not only excellence in student leadership, but also in integrated and active learning at Cascadia.

Photo credit: Thaddeus Vale

Q: Why did you apply for the Editor in Chief position this year?
A: I have had previous experience as a manager in my chosen career in the past so I felt that it was the right fit for me. I felt that it was the best position for me to utilize my skill set. There is more than just managing involved and I wanted to take a position that has more pressure than a typical position.

Q: What do you do in your role as an Editor in Chief?
A: I delegate all tasks, overlook all the teams, and set and establish the timeline for our publication this quarter. I also meet with the leadership team to check in on their progress and to help them if necessary. I overlook everything and jump in when needed, so it’s basically an all-rounder type position.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge for your team this quarter?
A: The biggest challenge for the team is really making sure that every individual team is working collaboratively with each other, managing that whole experience, and checking and adjusting as we go. We try to look and see if there are any opportunities for improvement within the teams. We also take the time to appreciate the individual contributions people give to the publication.

Q: How will you lead your team to handle it?
A: I will be making sure that the final product is of the best quality it could be. I’m always putting pressure on myself to make sure the publication turns out in the best quality we could achieve.

Q: What do you wish to see at the launch event?
A: I would want to see a well-received interactive event with a diverse audience.

Q: What do you want to notice the first moment you open up the magazine?
A: I want to notice the magazine takes the reader on a journey. I feel that each page should be it’s own experience throughout the publication and no two pages should be alike.

Q: If the budget were unlimited, what would you do?
A: I would make a hard cover version of the publication, and I’d love to make the event a true cocktail party red carpet release event, where people are dressed up and we have passed-appetizers with a wait staff. Truly giving it a special feel, I would also love to frame artwork of the artists themselves as a token of appreciation for submitting artwork for Yours Truly.

Q: What is the key to success in your position?
A: COMMUNICATION IS KEY. I need to be able to see the big picture of the publication process. As the Editor in Chief, you must always see how all the teams interact with each other and oversee all activity.

Q: If a future member of your role wanted to ask for advice, what would you tell them?
A: I would tell them that communication is integral, start planning early, set a timeline, and hold yourself accountable.

Q: What theme does this years’ publication reflect from your point of view?
A: I’ve taken a journey of all three quarters of this class, so it feels like a journey. The poetry and images it appears to be a common theme of a emotional journey that takes place.

How do you feel Yours Truly contributes to our Cascadia community?
A: I feel like it creates an inclusive environment, not only for our students, but for our faculty and our community as well. Yours Truly has been a meeting place of creativity where people can share and soak in the creative aspect of learning.

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Lien Pham, Yours Truly Managing Editor

Interview conducted by Andrew Park

Lien, our Managing Editor for the 2017 edition of Yours Truly, gives us a taste of her important leadership role. She is the “operations and budget wizard” of the YT Team and she’s an expert at fostering good communication among team members.

Photo credit: Thaddeus Vale

Q: Why did you apply for the Managing Editor position this year?
A: I have been taking the Yours Truly magazine publication classes since Fall Quarter. I feel that I am qualified for budgeting and tracking since I have a lot of experience in finance, and I thought this was a great way for me to contribute to Yours Truly.

Q: What do you do in your role as a Managing Editor?
A: I handle the budget for Yours Truly and keep track of the day-to-day operations. I help the Editor in Chief with his tasks. Additionally, I help and contribute to all the teams (Art & Design, Launch Event, and Marketing) related to Yours Truly magazine.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge for your team this quarter?
A: We don’t have too many big challenges this quarter. We have had small problems that we overcame. Typically, these problems involved communication. Everything is on track so far this quarter.

Q: How will you lead your team to handle it?
A: Shaun (our Editor in Chief) and I handle these problems together. We come up with solutions to deal with issues that may occur with communication.

Q: What do you wish to see at the launch event?
A: I want to see a lot of fun with a very chilled-out atmosphere of people having a good time. I also want to see a lot of people at the event, creative decorations, and of course the presence of the Yours Truly team. We also want to inform people for next year’s Yours Truly experiences as well.

Q: What do you want to notice the first moment you open up the magazine?
A: A balance between pictures and poems, visually appealing colors, and something that represents the entire Yours Truly Team.

Q: If the budget were unlimited, what would you do?
A: Have Adele come and sing for me and have the event at CenturyLink Field in Seattle’s SoDo district! I’d also like to have 5-star restaurant food for the event as well.

Q: What is the key to success in your position?
A: It’s balancing between numbers and workload, as well as communication. The most important thing is keeping track of everything– and I recommend using Microsoft Excel and keeping a tracking list. Also, having confidence in what you do is important, as well as trusting in other people when delegating tasks.

Q: If a future member of your role wanted to ask for advice, what would you tell them?
A: I would tell them to be confident and make sure they handle the budget wisely, and to trust the teams.

Q: What theme does this year’s publication reflect from your point of view?
A: I feel the Yours Truly publication inspires curiosity. Most people are unfamiliar with the publication when they come to Cascadia. Yours Truly gives me the excitement of a professional publication process and it also gives me summer vibes because the event is in the spring and early summer.

Q: How do you feel Yours Truly contributes to our Cascadia community?
A: It helps other people know about Cascadia. It’s also a symbol of creativity for the Cascadia student body. It is also a rare opportunity for students to have a job simulation instead of a typical classroom environment.

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Submit to Yours Truly!


Dear campus community,

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled “Creativity Myth Buster” post to share an important announcement. Cascadia’s creative arts magazine call for submissions is now OPEN and Yours Truly wants your prose, poetry, and visual art submissions to be considered for the June 2017 publication!

Do you have a poem, short story, or personal essay that is aching to be in print? Do you have a photograph, drawing, painting, mixed media work, textile, or sculpture to share? This call for submissions is open to all Cascadia staff, faculty, students, alumni, and community members, so share this call for creative works with students, friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers!

Our submission deadline is December 31, 2016. Please see our downloadable PDF for detailed submission guidelines, including a link to our Submittable page for uploading your work.

To learn more about Yours Truly and to view past issues, please visit our web page here:

We’d love to connect with you on social media, too:


Your voice, vision, and expression are unique in this world, and your creativity is important for the vitality of our community. Please consider sharing your work with us!

all the best,


Courtney Putnam, MFA
Associate Faculty – English & College Strategies
Instructor – Yours Truly, Cascadia’s creative arts magazine

For questions about Yours Truly, including inquiries about taking magazine publication courses at Cascadia, please email

Internship in RAIN

I attended an event in Mobius Hall on Friday, February 6 as part of an internship with the PR/Marketing Lab. RAIN — Reaching American Indian Nations — is an annual event for American Indian high school students to introduce Cascadia and UWB.

At 8:00 am, I helped Sara, who is the outreach specialist at Cascadia, to prepare. We put information bags on the seats, put table cloths on the tables, and cut bread and fruit for the visitors. Because this activity collaborated with UWB, there were some UWB staff and students.

At 9:00 am, about 70 students and their instructors came. When it began, Sara introduced Cascadia and used smart phones to interact with students by asking questions. This was good activity because the students like to communicate directly. It attracted them and helped them to pay attention. It was good for the college because we collected data from the students.

At 10:00 am, there are 5 workshops for students to pick. Sara hosted the workshop for “Pathways to College.” She and Amy, who is UWB admissions advisor. Ben, who is a professor at Tulalip Northwest Indian College, also gave a lecture. The workshop offered the three ways to the university, including two year college –Cascadia, 4 year university –UWB, and Tribal College- Tulalip Northwest Indian College. Students had many questions about applications. Sara, Amy, and Ben gave the  answers.

These activities were a benefit for the students because the students communicated with the colleges directly, they met employees that they can contact later, and also gave them the chance to see our campus before they make decisions.


At 11:00 am, my internship ended, and Sara had another workshop to host. She is very busy and gave me some advice. Thank you!


Global Showcase Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Please join us on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 in Food for Thought, between 12:00 and 2:30pm, for the Global Showcase. This campus-wide kick-off event for International Education Week will highlight the international diversity of students, faculty and staff at Cascadia College and UW Bothell.


We invite you to bring cultural artifacts and photos to “show off” the place(s) in the world that you feel connected to, either through your personal or academic experiences. Display tables will be set up around the room and staff will be around to monitor the space in case you are not able to stay for the entire time. Last year, students showed pictures, brought traditional clothing, jewelry, and food, and enjoyed talking to others about their international experiences. If you’d like to participate in the “Show and Tell”, please email Carrie Zhong,, by Thursday, November 13.

post written by Lisa Jacobson, ISA, Cascadia College International Programs

Happy Halloween!

Warning! This post is a bit personal and hits close to home. But I am choosing to share it with you because I think a lot of you Kodiak’s could relate.

When I was in high school, I had really poor self esteem. I was dealing with a difficult divorce between my parents and didn’t have a lot of friends. Probably because I was always sad and had bouts of depression. I felt misunderstood mostly, as we probably all did in high school. Toward the end of my senior year, as prom approached, I kept hoping that I would get asked to the dance. Nobody asked me.

But my tenacious personality didn’t let that get in the way. I dressed myself up in the most vibrant emerald green mermaid-style dress, did my hair and makeup, put on my gold heels and went anyway. I showed up with 2 girl friends who also didn’t get asked to prom. After about 15 minutes of standing there awkwardly and watching all the other couples dance, I left. It was just like a scene from the movies- there was the popular crowd, and I was the dorky kid. My heart was shattered.

This past Thursday, I dressed up in a similar green, did my makeup all sparkly, braided my hair, and painted a white streak in it. I walked into the very same place where my senior prom was held with a huge smile on my face, confidence through the roof, and a handsome date- whom by the way, was prom King at his high school. Funny how things change.

10760_10202749987943237_551900255963233707_n(dressed as Krisof and Anna, from the movie Frozen)

When I look back at pictures of myself from high school, I was beautiful. Inside and out. I had a huge heart to share with people, but I was so badly wounded, I couldn’t see it. Over the years, I took initiate to find the healing I needed. I was able to forgive my parents for the divorce, develop an unshakable self confidence, and attract the type of friends I actually wanted (i.e not the popular crowd.)

Life has so many ups and downs. When I see students in the hallway walking around with their heads down, and sadness on their faces, all I want to do is give them a huge hug and tell them they are going to get through it. We belong to each other. We need to support one another and help carry each other’s burdens. My favorite all time quote is “Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”          -Wendy Mass

I just want to encourage everyone reading this post that 1) you are not alone. We all feel what you have felt, and 2) we should all support one another in the best way we can. Nobody is on this planet by accident. There’s a purpose for you, and you are loved. Remember that today, and always! Happy Seahawks Sunday!

-Mila Prokopenko, PR/Marketing Student Intern photo-4


Cascadia Career Fair!

Cascadia College had partnered with University of Washington Bothell to put on a career fair last Thursday. I had the privilege of participating in this event and it was awesome!

It was really interesting walking around and meeting potential future employers. Most students had arrived in suits, jackets, dresses, and business attire. I was highly impressed by this as I’m used to seeing students in jeans and sweatshirts. While the amazon guys were just that- totally casual, which set a vibe and tone for the seriousness of the company.

Companies such as Cutco, Boeing, College Nannies, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Care Alliance were present at the fair. Even Walgreens made its debut appearance! The woman managing that booth had told me that she never saw herself working there as a career choice, but now 9 years later, loves it! She first started at one of the drugstores working as a cashier in sales. She is now the head of the Human Resources department regionally,  and it is her dream job!photo-3

Speaking with her about this gave me a lot of hope. I sometimes wonder if I will ever develop a good enough career plan. We, as American college students spend a fortune on our education;  and having a goal in mind is important. I think it’s interesting that most people end up doing something completely opposite of their chosen degree/field of study. The opportunities are limitless!

Another aspect of the career fair that was very interesting to me was the vast number of open internship possibilities. Almost every company I had spoken with, had an option for a summer or even part time internship. A lot of them were paid as well. One gentlemen started with the Cutco company when he was 17 years old, is on his last year of college, and will be graduating with a lot of sales and marketing experience under his belt.

I hope that by next year, I can have more direction as far as a career path, and know what I am striving towards! Until then, I will keep mixing research with dreams and work towards a happily technology-ever-after.

Mila Prokopenko- Student Intern in Cascadia’s PR/Marketing Lab


Cascadia Wetland Day on Thursday, June 5

I had the opportunity to take a wetland tour offered by students from Midori Sakura’s Wetland Ecology ENVS 220 a while back and, let me tell you, it was worth the wet feet. My tour date occurred during a particularly damp season, and the waters of North Creek crept in over the top of the campus-issued rubber boots. Current conditions, I am told, are far more boot-friendly.
The outing was memorable for many reasons: I got to put my hands in the muck, see a beaver condominium, feel vaguely unlawful as our group traipsed past the do not enter signs, and learn all kinds of wetland facts.

I also got to see what I consider a supreme example of integrative learning. These students spend a quarter in the classroom and in the field, studying the wetland by its individual components and as an ecosystem. Then they gear up for wetland day, developing posters and games, and honing their public speaking skills in preparation for tours.
Wetland Day is on Thursday, June 5, 2014. The students are offering a public tour at 2:30 pm. (Cascadia employees are welcome to join tours that depart at 9:15 and 11:00 if they’re unable to make the 2:30 slot.) All interested individuals are asked to meet in the courtyard outside the CC3 building. Knee high boots will be provided, but you’re advised to bring socks, wear long sleeves, and pants. The tour will last approximately one hour and 15 minutes.