Cascadia Cornucopia

Feast your eyes (and belly) on the Cascadia Cornucopia. That’s what we’re calling the plot of land directly north of the library. Before spring break 2015 it was a rarely used expanse of grass. Now it is home to dozens of species of edible plants, shrubs and trees from around the world.

The seed for the idea was planted by Cascadia biology faculty, Terence Hsiao nurtured the idea, and head gardener, Tyson Kemper, brought it to life.

Cascadia Cornucopia is a prime example of integrated learning at Cascadia. It was designed to facilitate learning opportunities outside the classroom. Students enrolled in science courses can dig into plant biology; social science students might explore the importance of foods on the development of global cultures; art and English students can use the garden as fodder for their creative expression. Student clubs might choose to organize food donations. And all of us can enjoy the fruits, seeds, leaves, and roots that it produces.

Please visit the links below to learn how and when to harvest plants. No two plants are alike, and in order to maintain a healthy bounty it is important to know the proper way to harvest each one. Click on the links below to start harvesting!


2016 Archives

ROBBY & WINTER CARE 1.27.16 | TYSON & GARLIC 3.16.16

2015 Archives

CHESTNUT 12.2.15

VIOLA 10.7.15 | PRIMROSE 10.28.15

CORN 9.2.15 | YARROW 9.9.15 | SUNFLOWERS 9.23.15 | PARSLEY 9.30.15

CORNELIAN CHERRY 8.5.15 | BROCCOLI 8.12.15 | CHOKEBERRY 8.18.15 | CATNIP 8.26.15


KALE 6.25.15




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