Sustainability on campus – events, engagement, and sharing (and cider)!

This week, we’re sharing a bit of how we’re getting back to campus and continuing our work on Sustainability here at Cascadia College!

We have a Cider Pressing event this Thursday, to showcase the Campus Farm. Bring your own apples and a cider container and come learn to press apples into cider! It will be held on October 14th, 12:30p-2pm,
on the UWB Promenade in front of Discovery Hall, and all UWB and Cascadia Students and Staff welcome!! The grounds team has a cider press – if you bring your own apples or jar/cup, you can see how apple cider is made, or use some of the apples and cups we will provide! (More sustainable to bring jars or cups to drink!) NOTE: we moved from the Campus Farm hosting, as there’s a UWB engagement event on the promenade, and so will have more student access!

You can stop by any time, and we’ll be happy to chat cider and apples, and the campus farm! The farm is located between the North Garage and the campus sports field – so you can find it and forage at your own time!

Native Plantings to support Pollinators

In the next few weeks we’ll be planing native plants around campus, and you can join us for those events too! The Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) gave us a grant to support pollinators and close bloom gaps on campus (periods of time where there aren’t any flowers blooming – so bees and butterflies may starve in those weeks!), and we have three locations where we are planting on campus! Thank you very very much to the WNPS for their support!

Oct 19th, 9a-11am, we’ll be planting at the pollinator mounds near the Campus Farm, by the North Garage!

Oct 26th we’ll be planting at the Discovery Forest (behind UW2/Discovery hall, across from the physical plant – to add to the small forest there! 9am-11am!

Also, as we are returning to campus, I’d like to reopen the Sustainability suggestions form! You can submit it anonymously, and tell us about what you’re already doing, what we could improve on, or how we can include more people, groups, or you! Please feel free to use this here, or email us directly too! We are here to help, work with you, and find a path forwards together!!

Finally, check out this new Food Forest feature video, created by a Cascadia BASSP student!

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