Friday (Thursday) Letter, 7-13-17

Friday Letter, 7-13-17

Here’s what I know….

The budget.

While the operating budget was passed by the legislature…which is leading to salary increases for everyone…we still don’t know the total impact on the college’s budget. We don’t think it will be the worst case scenario…but we are still crunching numbers.

The capital budget is a different story however. This has not been passed by the legislature.  I give it a 50-50 chance.  If it is not passed, then we don’t get our loan to build parking this year and all of the community college building projects come to a halt.  It delays the eventual construction of CC4 as well.  This is the first time (ever) that the legislature has failed to pass a capital budget on time.

The big white tent on the Mobius steps.

It was supposed to be a finished project on June 30. As you can see, they are not done.  That’s all I know.

Derby Days.

Many of us helped out last Saturday at the Cascadia booth at Redmond’s Derby Days. Thank you to those who signed up.  My biggest smiles came from watching Kody on the rowing machine at the booth next door and interacting with the kids.

Chamber Open House

About 400 people and 45 vendors showed up for the Bothell Chamber of Commerce’s Open House on campus last week. I got an email from the organizer expressing gratitude “for the incredible service we have received working with Paula for our Open House at Mobius Hall.  She worked hard to ensure that every details was taken care of for our event, and it showed!”  Nice Paula!

Master Teachers.

Congrats to Soraya. She was selected to participate in UW Seattle’s Community College Master Teacher Institute happening today and tomorrow. This year’s institute focuses on Global Human Security.

Changes to Reserved Parking.

This is still being bargained with the WPEA. Until such time as a resolution is reached, we will be staying with the status quo parking arrangement.


I will be in Italy with Dede (and our families) during the next three Thursdays so there will be no Friday Letters. I promise that we will toast you all and send pictures of us in our cooking class.

Have three great weekends.

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