Friday (Thursday) Letter, 7-6-17

I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July holiday.  It seems like such a short week given that we will close tomorrow and that many of us took last Monday off as well.

I have some shout outs for the day. “Shout outs” are fun for me because I get to not only thank people for their work, but it helps keep everyone informed of what’s going on.

First, thanks to Sara and her continued leadership in College Relations. She once again orchestrated a successful entry into the Bothell 4th of July parade.  She did NOT run over any children with the trailer either.  =)

The parade apparently went well with lots of folks giving love to Cascadia along the way. And our beautiful trailer was a hit.  Thanks to everyone who turned out to march.

Second, thanks to Kim. I’m not sure if you’ve walked the halls, but ALOTTA renovation was done these past few months.  The spaces for Continuing Ed and Trajal (our Japan program) look great.  There are new nooks and crannies everywhere, including the Learning Center, President’s Office, and Kodiak Korner.  Maybe we should have a treasure hunt through the new spaces.  Kim’s work to organize this was tremendous and time-consuming.  Thanks to her for her work.

Third, thanks to the Kodiak Korner staff. Summer session is on its way.  Despite holidays and shortened weeks, they helped students get enrolled with ease (or so I’ve heard).  Summer session started yesterday and the halls are once again bustling.

Fourth, thanks and congrats to Jesus and Sara. THANKS, because they both showed interest in attending the Social Justice and Leadership Institute.  The SJLI is a year-long program hosted by Bellevue College and has competitive entry.  CONGRATS because both of our Cascadia applicants were accepted.  We look forward to the things they will learn which can be applied to Cascadia both in our recruitment program as well as in the classroom.

Next week will be my last letter for a bit…I will be heading on vacation for three weeks. If you have a shout out you would like to see mentioned, please let me know early next week.  While I’m gone, the rest of the executive team will take their turn at writing a Guest Friday Letter.

Lastly, the budget. The operating budget was approved by the legislature.  We ‘think’ we are in a good position, but we still have to sift through all of the implications.  As soon as the SBCTC and our local finance office have reconciled what we think it all means, we will announce the impacts on salaries, benefits, and the college budget.  Thanks for your patience.

Have a great weekend.

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