Friday Letter, 5-24-17

The Friday Letter comes a little early this week. I will be leaving for Japan tomorrow and was not sure of the availability of my internet connection on Friday.  Why am I going to Japan?  We have this relationship with Trajal Hospitality College.  Our ELP Faculty are very familiar with them because each year TJHC sends us 40 students to spend 9 months at Cascadia learning English.  We have graduated two classes so far and our next cohort has already arrived.  As part of our contract, Trajal would like to see the Cascadia leadership visit their campuses in Osaka and Tokyo every other year.  Likewise, they come to visit us every couple of years.

Last time I visited, Mary Acob-Nash and Terence Hsiao went with me. This time, Meagan Walker and Anthony DeVito will be my companions.  Anthony is our staff member who has primary responsibility for the Trajal students and he speaks Japanese.  He will be our guide.  We will spend time talking with the students who will be coming next year as well as visiting with the two classes of alumni.  We hope to gain more insight about how we are doing and how we can maintain our good relationship with Trajal.

I will be back in the office on Monday, June 5. Terence will be acting president until next Wednesday and then will be headed to the President’s meeting in Spokane on my behalf.  Todd Lundberg will be acting president on Thursday and Friday of next week.  If there’s ever a time to get what you need…take advantage of Todd.  =)

LAST Friday, I watched 5 Cascadia students present about their experience with UWB’s BOLD leadership program. All of the BOLD participants (5 from Cascadia and 25ish from UWB) gave presentations on their visits to area companies as they learned about leadership and business.  We are thankful that UWB saves space in this program for Cascadia’s students.  Everyone seems to love the program.  One of the UWB students I talked to transferred to UWB from Cascadia and is from Japan.  She shared with me how she was accepted at Cascadia.  Her words, “I felt that the instructors did really well at incorporating people from different places.”

We are all about Pluralism. I am glad that we now have a robust international program so that our domestic students can understand their role in a global society and marketplace.  And I am glad that we have faculty and staff who are learning everyday how to best serve this population.

Until next week…have a great weekend.

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