Friday Letter, 3-24-17

I have a couple of warm and happy things to share this week. Nothing earth-shattering, but just good moments from the week.

It’s nice to receive a letter from our accreditors (NWCCU) that our latest request for a program addition has been approved. We now have an on-line AAS-T degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management as well as a shorter (26 credit) certificate program.  This program was made possible through a partnership with Pierce College.  I learned this week that Riverview School District also has a certificate program in FEMA that they offer for their high school students.  There may be a natural link between the high school and the college and that’s exciting.

The other nice event this week was the Academic All-American Luncheon in Olympia. Each college honors their top two performers and the winners across the system have lunch with the Governor.  Our winners this year were David Hewett and Elizabeth Hert.  David is headed (he hopes) to UW Seattle or Stanford to major in Math & Computer Science.  Elizabeth wants to pursue Bioengineering.

I am currently posting from Olympia where I have been since yesterday. I am attending the monthly President’s Meeting (WACTC).  Next week I’ll return to Olympia on Tuesday to meet again with legislators.  The 5-Star consortium is sponsoring a lunch for the legislative districts we cover.  Trustee Sabine Thomas and Student Body President Atlas Turner will be joining me.

For the last few years I have come around with my Green Bucket. I actually took this quarter off.  The Green Bucket Visit is an opportunity for me to briefly chat with everyone on a 1:1 basis and to have those important hallway conversations that help inform decision making.  The Green Bucket has been filled with treats of various kinds.  I’m now taking a poll…what was your favorite?  Some reminders:  hand sanitizers, erasers, teas, coffees, chocolates, mints, toys.  Do you have a favorite?

The executive team reviewed the results of our safety survey this week. We read that most people desire more training in certain critical incidents and HR has taken note of that.  As well, we want to encourage people to continue reporting any safety hazards they see to their supervisor, a Navigator, or HR.  Over the next weeks I will be throwing out some prompts on other issues we discovered.  For example, we noted that folks sometimes don’t know where “stuff” is.  So, by next week, I’d like you to take a moment to locate the nearest A) Fire Extinguisher, and B) First Aid Kit.  That’s your homework.  Good hunting.

Have a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “Friday Letter, 3-24-17

  1. Doughnuts would be perfect, though they won’t fit into the green bucket. I liked the hand sanitizers and the little pumpkins. How about lip balm or other holiday decor trinket?

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