Friday Letter, 3-10-17

As winter quarter comes to a close, I hope you’ll take a chance to look at the some of the great work by our students. One very visible example is the Writing on the Wall project sponsored by one of Sarah Zale’s classes.  You can find this project on the 1st Floor Vista between CC1 and CC2.  You are also invited to contribute to the project if so inclined.  Take a look at the instructions and the covenant.  As a very small side note, it makes me happy to see that they found a way to use the Pluralitee.  =)

We have begun fully working on finding a permanent replacement for the HR Executive Director. Thank you to Dr. Hutcherson for working so hard during the interim.  The permanent job has a closing date of March 13 and then the committee (Erik Tingelstad, Haley Green, Sharon Waymire, Marah Selves, David Shapiro, Sara Gómez Taylor, and Rosemary Sutton) will begin the process of narrowing down the pool.  Dr. Sutton chairs the committee and Katherine Kameron is providing HR support.

The Finalist interviews will be on campus April 25 – 27.  There will be an open forum for the campus community for each finalist.   Look for Outlook invitations from Raquel soon. I hope you’ll participate in helping us find the best candidate possible.  This position affects us all.

As the national and local dialogue presents us with challenges, I want to remind everyone that we are working on both systematic changes to Cascadia’s approach towards diversity and equity as well as episodic opportunities. To see what we are doing to promote a healthy long-term culture, please take a look at the Diversity and Equity summary.  You are free to share this with students and classes.  It documents our commitment.

As well, we will be having a Presidentially-sponsored “Teach-in” this spring that I hope you will attend. I was given the idea of once-per-quarter hosting a teach-in on a topic of importance.  A “teach-in” is a summit-like opportunity for faculty to incorporate a topic into their curriculum and bring their classes.  All are welcome to attend and, of course, ANYONE can sponsor a teach-in.  I just happen to have a topic in mind.

The Presidential Teach-In will on April 24 in the afternoon in Mobius. The time will be solidified soon.  As you may recall, we lowered the flag last fall in honor of Shimon Perez, former Israeli Prime Minister.  This act impacted our Palestinian community and they made me aware of why something like this made them feel marginalized.  As a result, I committed to providing some education on Israeli-Palestinian relations to our campus.  On April 24 we will have a panel consisting of Dr. Karam Dana (Professor at UWB who is the national expert on Palestine), Dr. Alice Rothchild (Medical Doctor, Author, and expert on Israeli-Palestinian relations) and John McKay (Former Asst US Attorney General who was assigned to help create a “rule of law” for Palestine).  They will help us explore and learn the complexity of these relationships and the US approach towards this.  I hope you’ll be able to attend.  More to come.

I know we’re all busy with meetings, finals, and projects.  Hang in there.  Spring is right around the corner.

Have a great weekend.




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