Friday Letter, 3-3-17

March is a turning point for us. Spring officially begins as does Spring Quarter.  It’s also a time where we will turn to budget writing and tenure approval.  As we wrap up Winter and Winter Quarter, I hope everyone is ready for more sunshine and flowers.  I have sunshine in my pocket and a good song in my feet, so we should dance a little.

I was in Olympia this week showing the flag. I mean that literally.  We have Cascadia pennants that we give to legislators.  They are extremely popular and I noted over 20 proudly displayed in the legislative offices I visited.  I was also able to work with several senators, aides, and policy people this week to help craft some ideas to get our system’s capital budget completely funded.  The minority leader of the Senate Capital Committee now has some ways to work with his counterparts to hopefully get enough allocation to the CTC’s to fund our CC4 design money.  Let’s hope he succeeds.

I want to thank all of the faculty and staff who have helped to facilitate the Community Conversations program in the Center this quarter. This program allowed people to share their views, concerns, and optimism during open forums at lunch time on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Some days were well-attended, some not.  Regardless, it was a good opportunity and I thank those who helped get us there.

I want to highlight two inspiring initiatives shared with us by our UWB partners. The first is a letter of support from the UWB School of Nursing regarding the LGBTQ population.  You can read it here.  I back every word of this letter and it represents Cascadia’s official outlook as well.  While the letter points people to the UWB School of Nursing if they need to report or discuss issues, I would direct our campus to talk to Dean Erin Blakeney who leads our Bias Incident Response team.

Second, UWB is offering free tax help. Attached here is information about how to access this service.  I appreciate the students and faculty from the business school reaching out to include us in this service.

Next week is busy and I’ll have a lot to report. I’ll be addressing the mayors from all of the eastside cities on Tuesday.  They’re meeting here at UWB.  On Wednesday is the Bothell State of the City address.  Thursday I’ll be attending the UW Regents meeting as they discuss the Master Plan and UWB’s relationship with Cascadia.  Also on Thursday night, I’ll be addressing leaders, parents and young people from the eastside Scouting programs. And finally, I meet with the corporate leadership of Brown Bear Car Wash on Friday to talk about our shared desire around sustainability.

I know we are all constantly moving and focused on our students and institution. Thank you for your passion.

Have a great weekend.


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