Thanks to BAS in Sustainable Practices student and Winter Sustainability Intern, Justin Masi, Cascadia and UWB are participating in Recyclemania throughout February and March.


Justin is monitoring waste diversion rates across campus daily.  Essentially, he is checking to see how full all of our dumpsters (garbage, recycling and compost) are every evening before they are picked up.

Step one of Recyclemania is to get baseline waste diversion rates.  Step two is to promote recycling and composting on campus in hopes of improving waste diversion rates (decreasing our inputs to the landfill and increasing our recycling and composting).  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on what he learns.  Meanwhile, please do your part to make sure recyclables and compostables end up in the appropriate bins.

Check out these links for more information about recycling and composting in King County!

What do I do with?…

EcoConsumer Waste Calculator

What happens to my recyclables?

Compost More. Waste Less.

Top 10 list of things you can do to help reach Zero Waste of resources in King County

2 thoughts on “Recyclemania!

  1. Where are the compost bins at Cascadia? I haven’t seen any, other than the little counter top bin in the break room in CC1… Whatever happened with the triple-bins that were produced in Mohan’s class last year? I would love to put more of my garbage in the compost, but there is no information about where to do that.

    • Great question! Right now we have one triple-bin (compost, recycle, landfill) in the vista area on the first floor of CC1/CC2 (right by StopWatch Espresso). The triple-bins produced by Mohan’s class last year require additional retrofits before they can be put into action. That process is being led by Kim Clark and we hope to see them on campus and ready to go soon. Once those triple-bins are placed we’ll provide updated signage so folks can maximize their waste diversion.

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