Friday Letter, 2-10-17

Human rights are important to us at Cascadia. Every student, employee, and community member who sets foot on our campus is entitled to the opportunity to learn (and work) in an environment of equity.  That’s not just our philosophy and value, it’s our mission.  Certainly no institution is perfect, but efforts like Human Rights Awareness Week over the last few days reminds us of the passion by our employees and the potential we have as a campus to help others learn.

The events this week were great. I hope you were able to get time to visit at least one event.  Thank you again to Dr. Custer, the Global Education Committee, College Relations, and the many others who helped to make this happen.  Some people have said that our programming efforts around human rights and pluralism are the product of a “liberal” agenda.  I don’t see it that way.  They are a product of our campus perspective that every individual has rights and that their story is to be respected.  It is a product of our desire to have open discourse where we can freely exchange ideas and learn from each other.  It is a product of the teaching process whereby we try to transform lives through integrated education in a learning-centered environment.  (And if you are a new employee…you should memorize that last sentence…it’s our mission statement.)

I’ve had a request to post the link to the TED talk from Bryan Stevenson that happened last week. Here it is, We Need to Talk About Injustice.

And now back to the daily grind…

I thought I’d share my calendar for the day. It represents a typical day and I share so you know what I’m up to.  =)

The day will begin with an introduction to Cascadia and a tour of campus for new City Manager Jennifer Phillips. She comes to us from St. Helena, CA where she held her last post as City Manager.  I am excited to talk to her about the role of Cascadia in Bothell, our relationship to the high schools, and our impact on the greater Northshore region.

After that I will make a trek to Everett to the headquarters of our continuing education consortium. Everett Community College, Lake Washington Tech, and Cascadia all share resources and staff based in Everett to provide continuing education to our community and contract education to industry.  We will be meeting the director of the economic development group in Redmond, OneRedmond, to help better understand how we can help our area businesses.

Upon my return to campus, I’ll meet with new District 1 Representative Shelly Kloba. She has an interest in how we support local industry so I’ll be talking to her about our professional-technical degrees, our Bachelor’s degrees, and our industry partners.

From there, we should all enjoy a great and soggy weekend.

One thought on “Friday Letter, 2-10-17

  1. My friend Jessie Deeter screened her movie “A Revolution in Four Seasons” as part of last week’s Human Rights Awareness Week, and she was very impressed by the thoughtful questions from the audience as well as by Mobius Hall itself. She’s been showing the film all over and said Mobius is by far the nicest college hall she’s seen!

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