Friday Letter, 2-3-17

I was asked yesterday in an interview how we communicate within the organization.  I mentioned that “important” topics get at least three touches from our various communications technologies, e.g., email, Newsletters, Friday Letters, etc.  As well, REALLY important topics get moved into All Campus Forums.  The DIA around budgeting, the on-going Parking Forums, the Master Plan forums, and the Town Hall about Safety are examples. One of our major goals from the executive team this year has been to think critically about how we communicate and to be intentional.

I want to thank the campus for participating in those opportunities for discussion.  We had a parking forum this week (the next one is February 13) and I led a TED talk on Wednesday with great attendance.  The TED talk is a part of our Cavoline and Pluralism learning series and Bryan Stevenson was our “speaker”.  I left the talk having learned something: to fight injustice, we need to resist hopelessness, get uncomfortable, get closer to the issues, and change the narrative by acknowledging our past.  Talking about these issues with our employees definitely made me hopeful.

To continue the discussion, let’s focus next week on Human Rights Awareness Week.  Our full program is listed here and I am encouraging ALL employees to attend at least one event.  Within the week is our Border Doors Reception and the official unveiling of the painted doors comes on Tuesday night, starting at 5.  Here is the invitation for that event.

On a lighter note…last night I watched a TV reality show that plays in Germany.  They follow a German millionaire on his adventures.  I am not sure anyone would want to follow ME on my weekly adventures.  I was in Olympia all day on Monday meeting with legislators.  That involves a lot of waiting.  I led the parking forum and TED talk…so no need for cameras since many of you attended those things.  And then I was in a whole bunch of meetings about campus operations.  Next week I’ll be in a whole bunch of meetings (again) and attending HRAW events (which should be great!).  I will also get to tour the new Bothell City Manager around campus next week.  Should we do a Video Friday Letter sometime?

I wish you a great weekend and thank you for staying focused thinking about the critical issues we face every day.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Friday Letter, 2-3-17

  1. I think a video Friday letter is a good idea. I really appreciate these letters because I get to see things from your perceptive, Eric. While the written word of your letters allows my imagination to roam freely, it would be nice to have some visual context of how you view our college and the activities/meetings you must participate in to help us grow.

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