Friday Letter, 1-27-17

We have spent a lot of time thinking about the next four years and what that means for our campus.  Yesterday, we spent our all-campus Day of Inquiry and Assembly (our DIA) talking about just that theme.  But instead of political Unknowns, we talked about fiscal Knowns.  And we have every reason to believe we will be fiscally stable for the next four years.  Thank you to everyone for their contributions on how to prioritize our expected funding.  The Budget Council will continue to work through this and provide recommendations to the Executive Team for us to sort through this summer.  More to come at Convocation 2017….and check out the selfie.

You may have caught on social media that one of our instructors, Dr. Soraya Cardenas-Conte, had a story recently published in the Seattle Times. You can check it out here.

We appreciate her efforts and the fact that the Seattle Times saw fit to publish her article.

We also appreciate Dr. Lindsay Custer’s work on our 9th Annual Human Rights Awareness Week.  Each year a faculty member steps up to lead this effort and her leadership is leading us to an exciting week, February 6-10.  I would like to STRONGLY encourage every employee to attend at least ONE event as an opportunity to show our commitment to developing professionally in the area of Pluralism.  The full list is here.

Pluralism reaches far and wide. Thanks to Duane Sharpe for his continued stewardship of our Veteran’s support programs.  We have now been named a Military Friendly GOLD College.  Check out the plaque given to us for that honor.

Many students often lack a voice or support. Think about Dr. Soraya’s emphasis on Women.  Think about Dr. Lindsay’s HRAW emphasis on Immigration.  Think about Duane’s work with Vets.  But there are still many on our campus who fall between the cracks.  To address this, please be sure to check out the first of five Community Resource Days planned for the rest of the year…

Today, from 2-4 pm, Cascadia and UW Bothell are proud to host the first Community Resource Day in Mobius Hall. This event is running as a five-month pilot that is being coordinated and staffed by community volunteers. It is designed to connect students-in-need and local residents-in-need to organizations that provide essential human services. There are 22 service providers signed up for this Friday, including recovery centers, domestic violence services, thrift shops, food pantries, and more. Check it out yourself so you can be a better resource. And encourage students to attend.  There is one per month until May.

Finally, you can find the long-promised Diversity and Equity Summary here.  This document summarizes all of our efforts across campus to promote Pluralism.  We ask that you take a look at the efforts, absorb the content, and provide us with any corrections to the information.  We will use this document to start a gap analysis on improving our campus culture and student experience.  The Summary is a constant work in progress and is fluid.  We hope to update it at the beginning of each year.

Have a great weekend.

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