Friday Letter, 1-20-17


Did you know that one of our employees used to work for Holland America Lines? Or, that one of our employees helped support the equine industry in British Columbia?  How about the fact that one of our employees is a Roller Derby professional on the side?  I learned these things at the Board meeting this week and it reminded me just how many new employees we have since I started over 6 years ago.  With that in mind, I am going to repeat an activity that I instituted when I first arrived in summer/fall 2010.  Over spring and summer this year it is my intent to repeat Coffee for Three…an opportunity for me to take two employees at a time for coffee or a beverage.  This helps me to get to know you, your thoughts about Cascadia, and your aspirations for our campus.  Besides developing a relationship among employees, this also helps me in decision making when it comes to institutional direction.  Vicki will be scheduling these soon.


We had our first Parking Forum on January 17. Our second one will be January 30.  The notes from the first forum are here (reserved-parking-notes-forum-1-17) and I invite you to participate as we move forward with this decision making process.  We have four options under discussion as we decide how best to work with our reserved spaces.


As I have noted before, there are a number of activities going on with regard to campus Pluralism and students’ rights. The Library has now developed a site that includes:

  1. Selected materials on free speech, hate speech and academic freedom
  2. Civil discourse: resources to help in having challenging conversations, in the classroom and beyond
  3. Fake news – identifying fake news, fact checking organizations, etc.
  4. Giving Back: some websites that allow you to search for volunteer or charitable giving opportunities

These are all topics I have been asked about and I was thrilled to learn that the Library was simultaneous building this site. Here it is for your reference:

And, don’t forget our Cascadia site on Pluralism activities:

And, don’t forget Human Rights Awareness Week.  Thanks to the Global Ed Committee for their leadership on this.  You can view the schedule here

And, don’t forget that you can watch the inauguration this morning in the 2nd Floor Vista.  The actual “swearing in” is at 9am, but activities will begin earlier.

And (finally), UWB and Cascadia signed our joint pledge to support students on our inclusive campus this week.  The document is here below.



You are welcome to print and post it in your work space.  Please know that our commitment must go beyond a signed document.  It represents a campus climate as well as individual behaviors that should support all of our community from whatever walk of life.  I encourage you to read the pledge and determine how you can best implement its principles in your work.  I also encourage you to come by my office and sign one of our larger copies.  They will be stationed at Vicki’s desk.  You can view the article about this from the Bothell reporter at this link:

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Friday Letter, 1-20-17

  1. Thank you for this letter of resources toward the shared vision for an inclusive learning environment and worksite for all. I shared it with my students this morning HUMAN RELATIONS.

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