Friday Letter, 1-13-17

There are a number of initiatives going on campus-wide and I know it can be difficult to track them all. Today’s Friday Letter will help you find the resources you might be looking for with regard to several of these initiatives.  Via the executive team, the Navigators, private emails, and hallway conversations, I have heard that folks are looking for these things.  As always, we try to communicate this information through a variety of formats, including assemblies and all campus emails.

Before we get to that information, I’d like to offer a couple of Thank Yous. First to Marah and Julia for leading our Winter Wishes program.  We supported 38 individuals for a total of 8 families this year.  Each family got grocery gift cards, a family gift and individual gifts for each member of the family, as well as the ability to ‘shop’ through tables of assorted toys, kitchen items, holiday cards and gift wrap.  We appreciate your generosity towards our community and I appreciate the effort of these staff members to build campus good will.

My second Thank You goes to the Kodiak Korner team for all of their hard work last week and over the winter break. While many of us take vacation time during the holidays, a core group of people stays behind to advise, handle enrollment, and take care of the numerous walk-ins we have.  Thank you to these folks for their tireless efforts.

So, on to information:

Our Campus Resource Officer is here, Officer Louise Muro. She has had a number of group introductions, but I would encourage you to get to know her individually.  She is also available to come to your classrooms to talk about campus safety.  These opportunities should be coordinated through Cham Kao, the Director of Campus Safety.  On-going information can be found about the safety program and the CRO’s role in this document:

If you have additional questions or are looking for specific answers, please email me directly and I’ll get those answers to you.

The Campus Master Plan is being developed. Thanks to those who attended this week’s open forum.  For additional information about our growth options, please take a look at this site:

There will be more options to comment in the next month and we hope to bring a draft plan to the Trustees in February. If you have additional questions or are looking for specific answers, please email Meagan Walker directly and she’ll get those answers to you.

Our Parking Forums regarding new parking configurations begin next week. Please take a look at this parking-one-pager for an overview as to why we are having these discussions and the options to be considered.

There are a number of activities going on with regard to campus Pluralism and students’ rights. You will see a series of programs this quarter about topics such as the inauguration, how our political system works, and immigration.  Check out this site for on-going opportunities:

Two specific days next week that should be noted:

First, on Tuesday, we will be signing a joint campus pledge with UWB about maintaining and honoring our students’ rights. The draft pledge was distributed this week and based on feedback, we will present the final pledge next Tuesday in the signing ceremony.

Also, on Friday, we will have a TV set up in the CC2 second floor vista for those who would like to watch the inauguration and talk about our evolving national landscape. Mohan Raj will be there to help with questions and discussions that might arise.  As well, we will be publishing a “Guide to the Inauguration” next week to help folks understand the transition of power and ceremony.  On Monday and Tuesday after the inauguration, in the Center from 12-1, we will continue our Community Conversations hour to offer a safe space for people to discuss local and national issues.

I hope this helps you get up to speed on many of the important issues on our campus.

Have a great weekend.

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