Friday Letter, 12-9-16

We had a difficult time predicting weather patterns last night and this morning. Thanks for your patience as we make the decisions about campus closures.  On the one hand, we want to be proactive enough to ensure safety; on the other hand, it’s difficult to make a call when we don’t exactly know storm severity or timing.  And as we are in finals week, we want to do everything we can to also get the quarter finished.

Thanks also for joining us at the Presidents Coffee House yesterday. It was nice to meet some of the new folks and spend a few minutes away from the hectic of the season.  We had over 70 people stop by.

One of the features of the coffee house was our winter wishes program. We have been distributing the needs of our area community for those who want to help others have a better holiday season.  You can pick up a “leaf” with a need on it from the Employee Lounge in CC1, 3rd Floor.  After picking up a leaf, you fill the need and return it to campus.  Our staff will then get the fulfilled needs back to our community member.  For details of the program or how you can help, you can also contact Marah (mselves) or Julia (jwilliams).  This is the last day to pick up a leaf, so act quick!

During this cold winter moment, I am a bit envious of Catherine Crain who is spending this quarter on Sabbatical in Cuba. If you would like to follow her work, she has started a blog, found here (  Maybe reading it will help you stay warm??

If the snow and slush isn’t enough to deal with, there is always on-campus parking. But, we are hoping to make on-campus parking a bit less of a headache.  Based on concerns about the Reserved Parking allocations, we have begun brainstorming alternatives.  We will be hosting four open forms (2 in January and 2 in February) for feedback on the multiple ideas we’ve generated.  These changes could affect those holding reserved permits, and they might certainly affect all employees, even if you are a bicyclist, bus rider, or non-Reserved pass holder.  I hope you’ll attend one of the forums.  Vicki will have those out on Outlook.

Two other topics have been keeping me busy in the President’s Suite. The first is our on-going relationship with area legislators.  Since the election, we have gained a new Senator (Guy Palumbo) and a new Representative (Shelley Kloba) in Bothell.  I will be meeting with them and introducing them to Cascadia.  As well, we serve 5 other legislative districts for a total of 18 legislators.  I will be attempting to meet with each of them twice from January through April to discuss community college funding and the way we can help students complete.

The other topic I am attending to is our on-going campus climate. If you had the chance to read last week’s Friday Letter, you know that we are actively pursuing several opportunities for students and staff to share their voices.  Our website dedicated to these activities (Your Voice. Your Space. No Hate. ) is active and has opportunities listed.  One of those opportunities is the Campus Conversations program happening in the Center on Mondays and Tuesdays each week in Winter Quarter.  We did a pilot of that this week and had great attendance and good conversation on Tuesday.  If you are interested in being the facilitator of a conversation…1, 2 maybe 3 times next quarter…could you please reach out to me for details?  I am looking to fill slots beginning January 9 and 10 (12:00-1:00pm) throughout the quarter.

Have a warm weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday Letter, 12-9-16

  1. As you think of ways to have our awesome students share their voices, remember those who only come in the evenings or only do online classes as well.

  2. Now that there are forums for discussing reserved parking concerns, what exactly are those concerns? I’ve gone back all the way through October Friday letters, and I don’t see what these concerns are. I think it would be beneficial to know what these concerns are going into the forums, so that we can come up with informed ideas to share in them.

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