Town Hall Meeting – Dec. 13

To our campus community,

Dr. Wolf Yeigh, Chancellor of UWB, and I would like to invite you to an important discussion about campus safety. This special joint Town Hall will take place Tuesday, Dec. 13 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the North Creek Events Center.

We will begin by talking about our approach to campus safety and then spend time primarily hearing from our broader community of students, faculty and staff about your thoughts, ideas and concerns.  We realize this falls during the end of the quarter and that you may be unable to attend. However, we didn’t want to wait until the New Year to have this discussion. If you are from Cascadia and can’t attend, I encourage you to share your thoughts by responding to this post using the reply box at the bottom of this page.

Our shared commitment is to provide an educational environment that is safe and inclusive for all students, faculty and staff. Your input is critical to help us achieve this commitment for all.

We hope you will take the time for this dialogue. We look forward to the conversation.


Dr. Eric Murray and Dr. Wolf Yeigh



One thought on “Town Hall Meeting – Dec. 13

  1. I would like to see security guards armed with fire arms after given training, or even better have veterans do it. Bothell police are close to campus but close can still be too far away sometimes. If someone brought a firearm to school I would feel totally helpless having no armed security on campus. Armed personnel can wear distinctive clothing known by police and cease all actions when police arrive.

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