Friday Letter, 10-14-16

It was a stormy morning. The sky was black, the air moist, the trees were shaking.

Haven’t you always wanted to start a Friday Letter that way??

Well, that is indeed the weather outside as I begin to write the FL on Friday morning, 7:10am. While stormy, the power is still on for the moment and it looks like we may be good to get through the day.  Thanks to everyone who spent yesterday preparing for today.  We issued instructions to the evacuation teams, the communications team shared our campus protocols, we have been in touch with the campus emergency coordinators and facilities.  And, even with all that prep, we still realized that every situation is a little different, causing us to think and re-think how we should best prepare. If you are off campus, you can sign up to receive alerts.

As a quick reminder, if the power goes out today during class hours, please stay in your classrooms and continue teaching. The evacuation team will head to their stations to provide info to those in the halls.  Within about 30 minutes we will issue an update over the intercom and radios as to if we will continue instruction or close the campus.

The climate is certainly on our minds…which leads me to remind you about the Campus Climate Conversation that is upcoming. (Nice transition, right?) On October 25th, Cascadia will host its very first Campus Climate Conversation. Students, faculty, and staff will gather for discussion about our individual and collective responsibilities to address climate change, to learn about Cascadia’s climate change activities and to discuss and prioritize additional strategies to reduce the school’s overall carbon footprint.  Attached HERE is all the detail you would ever want to know about the event.  I encourage you to attend.

Some of you may have hoped that we would close the campus this morning. That may have caused some dancing by our students.  Speaking of dancing…let me share with you something that seems to have become a yearly tradition with some of our employees.  (Did you like that transition?)

This year’s fantastic team of Kodiak hip-shakers is once again raising money for a fantastic after school program. They’ll be joining the dance marathon tonight and clocking donations until 9:45 pm. According to the event updates: “We are creeping ever closer to our goal. It’s amazing how far we’re able to stretch every dollar for our students, which means no donation is too small (or too big!). Help us get to $40k today!”

This event — which a couple of members of the team are participating in for the 4th time — brings a nice bit of Cascadia awareness to the greater Seattle community.  Anyone 21+ can pay $10 at the door to dance their own cash off. The link to our team’s fundraising page and event details are here:

Thanks to everyone for the great attendance and participation at this week’s DIA. And since I’m out of clever transitions…we’ll end the letter here.

Have a great weekend.

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