Friday (Thursday) Letter, 8-25-16

Planning mode is in full swing.

Last week the executive team had their annual summer retreat. We went to the exotic location of CC3.  Fine views and good white boards.  We spent the day planning for Convocation on Sept 19 and thinking about the long term vision for the college.  Convocation will be a “State of the College” address consisting of three parts: data & info, current priorities, and future planning.  Information will be forthcoming on our pre-Convocation potluck and I hope to see everyone there.

We have also been considering plans for Human Resources. And by “we’, I mean me, the executive team and the HR & Payroll team.  Over the last week, the HR/Payroll staff and I have interviewed two candidates for an interim director role.  Gina is leaving big shoes to fill as she retires, so I intend to be very selective in the search process.  Knowing that it could take a while, and given the backlog of hiring needs we have, we believe an interim Director might be the best bet to bridge the time between Gina’s departure and the on-boarding of a successor.  We will consider these candidates and hopefully make a decision next week.

Campus Master Planning is underway. Well, kind of underway.  Vice Chancellor Ana Karaman (Terence’s counterpart) has taken a new job.  She was the lead executive for UWB on this process.  Cascadia and UW Seattle are also a part of this process, but we are on standby until UWB determines who will take over the leadership role.  The goal with this Master Plan is to determine our 20 year vision for what buildings we might have and where they will go.

Samantha and I met with the Cavoline planning team this week. Dianne Fruit, Jared Leising and Chris Byrne are coming up with some very cool options for how we continue our work on Inter-cultural competency.  I will be sharing the broad concept in September and then, after review by the executive team and Pluralism committee, we’ll get into the details in October.

Finally, I’ve been spending time doing my evaluations of direct reports. That process includes not only a look back, but a look forward to the goals we hope to accomplish for 16-17.  Most of these goals tie directly back to the strategic plan and focus on student and campus success.  I know everyone should be going through their own evaluation process this month and I hope there continue to be ties to campus success in everything we do.

Next week is my yearly summer retreat with the Trustees. The executive team will be joining me as we go through an analysis of the strategic plan.  Afterwards, I’ll be working with the board to plan out the rest of our year.

I hope you have great plans for the weekend. Please note that from noon to 5:00 today (8-25) the chief executives on campus are Dr. Erik and Dr. Todd.  Don’t abuse them too much.

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