Friday (Thursday) Letter, 8-11-16

Well it looks like summer will arrive today and through the weekend. I hope you can make the most of it because this may be the only sunshine we get.

Three items to report today: Sidewalks, ctcLink, and movement.

The gravel sidewalk behind CC3 will become paved soon. That should make travel around the building easier.  As well, there will be sidewalk cracks repaired along the promenade.  We continue on our repair schedule, but as with most projects, these are taking a little longer than anticipated.  We expect to continue working into the fall quarter.

With regard to our transition with ctcLink, I also wanted to give an update. As with sidewalks and repairs, this is taking a little longer as well.  So here are some notes:

  • We continue to hire support personnel and get them trained. Each of the pillars (HR, Student Learning and Success, and Finance) have personnel helping them with the transition.
  • Due to some delays in hiring, we have some vacancy savings from the ctcLink budget. Using these savings, we are hiring an assistant for Scott, our program manager. Hopefully this new hire will help speed up our transition activities.
  • We will also be setting aside some space for this crew, but that location has yet to be determined.
  • We (being the executive team) will be evaluating our progress monthly to assure activities are on track.
  • And finally, just a note about the importance of this undertaking. Besides a few things already in progress, our transition to ctcLink has to come before any special projects, initiatives, or add-ons. As much as we try to contain and focus workload, it often gets away from us. Please know that in light of this most important transition, we are saying “no” more than “yes”. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Yes, the last topic is movement! One of our instructors (Natalie Serianni) created an assignment for her class about this topic. She writes, “Their assignment was to persuade [college administration], their audience, that movement/exercise is important to learning, drawing from several articles we discussed in class. Through synthesizing their thoughts and ideas with others, their task was to construct an impassioned argument about the necessity for movement within college classrooms/campuses.”

Based on research they conducted, they suggest that students do better on tests right after some form of physical activity, increased blood flow leads to better attention and awareness, and movement stimulates creativity.

I think we’ll use those suggestions at Convocation on Sept 19.  Thanks Natalie for forwarding this info.

Have a great weekend.

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