Friday (Thursday) Letter, 7-14-16

It’s been a pretty standard week in the President’s office. I facilitated a lunch for the Bothell Chamber of Commerce regarding the Sound Transit 3 proposal.  I attended the Kirkland Business Roundtable about economic development in Kirkland, Redmond, and Bellevue.  I attended the board meeting of One Redmond.  These meetings continue throughout the summer.

On the not so typical side of the house, we have begun the search for a new Executive Assistant to the President. We will start with an internal-only search given some interest around campus for this position.  David Shapiro, Cathy Baker, and Sharon Waymire have agreed to be on the interview committee with me.  Thank you to them.

As well, we will begin the search for a new Executive Director of Human Resources. It is my hope to have someone start in October as we congratulate Gina on her career.  I have yet to form that committee, but I have asked Rosemary to be the chair and she has accepted.

Next week, I attend the yearly WACTC (President’s Group) summer retreat. It lasts three days, Wednesday through Friday.  Fortunately, it is in Seattle this year so I will get to go home each night.  There will be no Friday Letter next week.

Thanks to all of the summer faculty groups working their various assignments. I am on the group that is reviewing the data around our pluralism efforts (DIA’s and Cavolines) and designing the next phase of this process.  This is going well and we will lay out some plans in the fall.  I know the other groups are working diligently also.

Thanks to the summer crew, both staff and faculty, for getting summer school off the ground. As always, our numbers continue to grow.

The sunshine is finally supposed to arrive this weekend. Have a great one.

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