Friday (Thursday) Letter, 6-16-16

It’s hard to believe that it has been a week since commencement. I hope this first week of the summer season went well and everyone had a chance to catch some breath.  Friday Letters will now appear every Thursday since we are on the 4-10 work schedule.  I expect you are as excited as I am to have the extra day tomorrow.

Two highlights of this week, from the perspective of my desk, both occurred yesterday.

I was able to participate in the open forums for the three Northshore School District superintendents. This is important to me because this person is one of my closest allies and community partners.  Without the full support of the superintendent, the pathway between K-12 and higher ed, especially Cascadia, can be difficult.  I am hopeful after meeting all three candidates that the right one will emerge to continue to the good work we’ve accomplished with Northshore.  I expect a decision to be made within the next week and as soon as a contract is negotiated, it will become public.  Many constituents want this person’s time…so I’ll have to wait in line.  However, I look forward to meeting my new colleague and beginning a healthy relationship.

And then last night the Trustees approved two major things. They first approved the operating budget.  This means that as of July 1 we are able to spend the money as determined through the Budget Council process.  We are in good financial shape and I look forward to the approved action items being implemented.  As well, they gave the green light to continue the process of establishing our second Bachelor’s degree.

This new degree is in Mobile Applications and builds upon our 2-year certificate program. We are fondly calling the degree the MoBAS.  Drs. Bansenauer and Tingelstad gave a great update on the development of the degree and the Trustees agreed that we are in a good place to move forward.  This means about a year of approvals through the state board and our accrediting agency as well as a year of preparation.  We hope to have the first class begin in Fall 2018.  This will give us two bachelor’s degrees: Sustainable Practices (BASSP) and Mobile Applications (MoBAS).

All else seems to be in order.  Have a great weekend.

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