Friday Letter, 6-10-16


It’s graduation day.  Today is about our students.  I know that a few finals must still be taken, grades need to be calculated, and last minute student needs are abundant.  However, I hope we will put aside the stresses of our lives to think about this moment and what it means to several hundred Cascadia students.  In short time they will be Cascadia “graduates” and they will memorialize their time and success with us.

Thank you to all of you for making today happen.  Each person on this campus has a role in the lives of these students.  You may educate directly, you may teach through your support role, you may help with paperwork, you might administer a program, you might develop a poster or care for a facility.  No matter what your role, you have played a part in today’s successes.  Thank you.

Come rain or shine today, we will have a good day because we value educational achievement.  Commencement is the marker.  We will make it work (as we always do), we will smile (as we always should do), we may laugh (which I hope we do) and we will (for a moment) revel in the joy of these students.  I look forward to sharing that with you today.

Thank you for a wonderful All-Employee Celebration this week and, last night, for a nice ceremony honoring student leaders.  Thank you to the summer work groups that start on Monday.  Thank you for helping make Cascadia a stable and effective place to learn.

See you this afternoon.


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