So This Is It…

I’ve written and rewritten this post a number of times and I’m still not 100% sure it portrays this quarter’s work, but here goes nothing.

To say this year has been a whirlwind is quite the understatement. It’s currently the beginning of June and I’m tying up all loose ends for both student government and classes for my associate degree. Finals have put me in that funk of physically being alive but feeling so worn down and psychologically absent — the same as most college kids experience this time of year. The moments where I’m lost in thought are the times I remember everything I’ve been fortunate enough to experience with the unique perspective that I have. Being President of Cascadia’s Student Government this past year has allowed me to experience the gap between students and administration and plan accordingly. I’ve involved myself with numerous leadership positions that allow me to place myself back in the shoes of students but also the shoes of a leader among professional staff.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have numerous hiccups and delays this quarter — both with posts, updates, and prompt responses. It’s been a learning curve the entire time trying to balance being a student, intern, student government president, and employee with multiple jobs. I’ve been blessed with patient yet persistent individuals in my life who want to see me succeed — something I never take for granted.

My final project for the public relations internship this quarter revolved around continuing enrollment for fall quarter and infographics. As a visual learner, myself, they’re something that grab and maintain my attention right upon seeing them. I settled on continued enrollment because — as a whole — the college notices a decrease in enrollment from Spring to Fall due to a large number of factors. I chose to survey 50+ students to understand what they truly wanted out of their Cascadia education, if they’ve registered, and what they planned on doing after this spring. I wanted to figure out why students didn’t register immediately, why they waited, and would having previous knowledge of enrollment would change anything. It gave me an insight that many students transfer to another college without earning their associates due to “ease”, when in reality transferring without an associates can cause credits to be lost.

The different aspects of the project as a whole integrated my previous knowledge as a student but brought in my exposure to student life and marketing within that department. I utilized different elements such as face-to-face, research, surveys, and technology. I learned, as a whole, many students didn’t know enrollment for fall quarter opened up the SAME day as enrollment for summer quarter. I also learned many students were transferring to another institution without earning that transfer degree.

I’ve used this year to step outside my comfort zone and experience so many things with different programs and learning opportunities that integrate my understanding as a student and my leadership capabilities. I’m honored and beyond thrilled to continue my experience and truly buckle down within marketing and join the college relations team as a part time program coordinator this summer…

Keep an eye out for more posts.

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