Hiring the Future…

As the quarter and year draw to a close, this is when Student Life is the busiest — for the student leaders and professional staff. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in meetings these past few weeks and am slowly digging my way out of them, one by one, wrapping up reports, files, and goals.

This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected to sit on a few committees and it’s been an interesting experience watching how they operate on a higher level than I’m use to. One of the most recent — and one of my favorites — the hiring committee for the 2016-2017 student life team.

As a student, myself, I have quite the amount of grace for others like me. I remember right before my interview: I walked into the bathroom, threw back my shoulders in an attempt to find the confidence I needed, and smiled at myself in the mirror until I knew it would all be okay. Sitting on the opposite side of the table this year, I remembered my previous experience as a student and feeling the nerves, shakes, and sweats of the fearful individuals I was now interviewing — ones who want to see change on a campus and don’t quite know how to make it happen but want to try any way they can.

This year, I remember thinking, “if only I knew what I know now…”, how my life would have changed. I know how patient, kind, and forgiving the professional staff of student life and across campus can be and how you don’t necessarily have to know things going in because you’ll learn along the way.

Interviewing versus being interviewed gave me the perspective of both an insider and outsider. It gave me guidance on a personal level of how to interact in an interview and how to conduct myself but also helped me notice people, habits, and hopeful initiatives.

I truly believe having the previous experience of being on the opposite side of the table gave me the guidance and wisdom I needed in helping select the next round of student leaders. Plus, I’m also aware, without being a student first and then a student leader, I wouldn’t have even been able to participate in the selection process.
I can’t help but use these opportunities, time in between meetings, to reflect on everything this year and right now, with these meetings, these sleepless nights, and jam-packed days.

I’m thankful to be able to help enhance and grow Student Life anyway that I can and I’m thrilled to be able to witness what the next round of leaders will accomplish.

Cheers to you all. I wish you the best.


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