Friday (Monday) Letter, 6-6-16

Hello and Happy Monday, the last week of Spring Quarter 2016!

Sorry if you missed the Friday Letter last week. I was in Pasco at the monthly Presidents’ meeting.  From noon on Wednesday until 5pm on Friday I did not have a minute to spare.  So, an early Monday letter for you today.  Today will be a double dose because I intend to make an announcement about Tent City in a Special Letter this afternoon.

With regard to last week, the Presidents were updated on ctcLink, legislative activities, and the allocation model. I was responsible for leading a 3 hour workshop on the state of the capital process, meaning I led a review of the last two years and what changes will we make for the future on how we decide who gets a building.  I ended my 2-year commitment to lead this group with this final workshop.  Next year, I will move my state-wide efforts to the Legislative Committee to help shape the messaging around our system’s needs.

This week is a full one. Navigators meet today.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Cascadia Rising, a 3-day state-wide emergency preparedness drill. The “Cascadia” reference is to the mountain range, not us.  =)

Many of our staff will be participating to assure the campus is ready for a major disaster.

Wednesday is our End of Year Celebration, starting at 3. I hope to see you there so we can celebrate the success of the year.

Thursday is a Student Life Appreciation Event. I look forward to celebrating our students on that day.

And Friday is, of course, commencement. We continue to break records with the number of yearly graduates and those who walk through the ceremony.  The weather looks like it will also be accommodating with a pleasant 72 degrees predicted.

Just a few days to go and we’ll then switch into summer mode. Thanks for all your hard work!

Have a great week.

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