Friday Letter, 5-20-16

No one commented last week on Lisa’s suggestion that the college pay for a trip to Europe as a way to show employee appreciation. Sigh…I guess I won’t submit the action plan.  I thought for sure that would elicit some kind of comment.  I guess folks are focused on their work.  Which isn’t a bad thing.

This week the Trustees made the decision to leave the fate of hosting Tent City in my hands. They agreed that it seems a worthy idea, but that the operations of the college need to be considered when making the decision.  Operations are the President’s responsibility, so it will be up to me to make an assessment based on all the good research we’ve completed.  I will publish that decision on Monday, June 6 in a Special Letter.  As part of my research, Meagan and I met with the UW Seattle team yesterday to learn more about their decision-making process.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions about our DIA and Cavoline process. You still have some time to complete those assessments, so please consider submitting your responses.  They are shaping how we will approach next year.  And, as you may have read earlier this week, I am encouraging all who have an interest in facilitating to apply.  While we have a list of eligibility criteria, I would encourage you to submit your interest even if you don’t meet all the criteria.  That will give us a sense of who would like to help champion our continued efforts around inter-cultural competency.

A special shout out to Samantha for being a tireless work horse behind all of our inter-cultural competency efforts this year. She has coordinated, assessed, facilitated, and completed much of the detail work.  All of this is in addition to the robust professional development schedules she has implemented for classified, exempt, and faculty.  You may not know that we developed and documented timelines for every training we’re required to deliver as well as those we think are beneficial for the campus.  The document is pages long, and Samantha makes sure they happen.  Thanks to her.

In order to keep you aware of some over-arching campus efforts, Terence and I have been asked to help lead the process with UWB on updating our campus master plan. That’s a document that helps steer campus growth and development.  Last time this happened (2009-10) we were shown the document after UWB developed it.  This time, we’ve been asked to be integrated partners.  We’ll be estimating entire campus growth, consulting with our neighbors, and re-establishing where upcoming buildings will be located.  This process will occur over the next 6-8 months.

Finally, “ceremony season” starts next week with Thursday’s Honors and Leadership Ceremony. Thursday @ 7pm in Mobius is when we’ll celebrate the academic and service accomplishments of our students.  I hope to see you there.

Have a great weekend.

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