Earth Week 2016

Celebrating our planet and a better relationship with it…“

The first of many integrated experiences came from Earth Week, an extension of Earth Day on April 22nd, on campus.

Cascadia’s Assistant Director of Sustainable Practices, Jodie Galvan, crafted an entire week of sustainability events. A film screening, information fair, conservatory/sustainability tours, and an appearance from the Mobile Laboratory have kicked off the week with excitement. Events such as a garbage sort, fun fair, and tree planting tied it all together.

My initial curiosity in the event arose when Jodie reached out to CSG (Cascadia Student Government) in hopes of collaborating for the grandiose week. CSG happily agreed to donate funds in hopes of making their vision come to life.

I chose to start my adventure in the Mobile Laboratory – a space formerly known as a regular trailer – and learned how soil affects different regions and climates. Midori Sakura, an environmental science professor, hosted “It’s Not Dirt!” in Mo and educated people on everything you didn’t think there was to know about “dirt”. The setup included “I (heart) soil” stickers and a space for students to express their love of the earth through painting. After my tour of the trailer, I wandered towards Mobius Hall to partake in the second part of the information fair. One of my favorite displays talked about the UWB (University of Washington, Bothell) and CC (Cascadia College) community gardens used for the bachelor’s program in sustainability. I always noticed the beds on campus, but never thought about who used them and for what -now I know. Through my tour of Mo and the information fair, I was able to apply my previous knowledge from sustainability awareness -which wasn’t vast- and expand it. I was beyond floored at the work completed by students in the sustainability, environmental, and engineering programs.

So, here’s to you, sustainability students: huge kudos to you all!

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