Friday Letter 4-8-16

Well let’s start with the most important news…the return of the President’s Pub. It’s been a while, but we’ve come up with a way to make it work.

Our next DIA (Day of Inquiry and Assembly) is April 29. Again, all employees are asked to attend and we’ll continue our discussion of intercultural competency.  Those folks who attend the entire DIA will receive a ticket, redeemable for a Happy Hour beverage across the street at the Beardsley Public House.  We have reserved the front room after the DIA (from 4:00-5:30) for a social gathering and all offices have approval to close at 4pm on that Friday.  This is my gift to you as thanks for your participation in this process.  I look forward to seeing everyone at our off-campus, after-hours Pub.

Back on campus, I want to give a shout-out to Dr. Jesus Perez for his help with a recruitment event we co-sponsored with UWB. This event brings Latino/a/x high school students to campus for tours, presentations, workshops, and lunch. Jesus put on one of the workshops (which just about every participant opted to attend) and did it entirely in Spanish.  Check out the of some of his enthusiastic participants.


Thanks to Jodie, Mark and the others who put time in to a recent grant proposal for us. The update:

We have been recommended to receive the WaterWorks funding at the total requested amount of $18,500!  These recommendations will be finalized by mid-June by the King County Executive and Council so though unlikely, changes could occur. 

It’s really exciting to see us listed alongside some major local water quality “players” like Futurewise, Stewardship Partners, Mountains to Sound Greenway, City of Seattle and King County Water and Land Resources Division.

This is just the beginning of our effort to attract more external funding for our academic and student success purposes. Mark Collins has been steadily increasing his abilities to help facilitate our campus grant writing and Jodie Galvan, with lots of previous experience, is helping to drive opportunities.  Our broader Grant Development Team will be regularly reviewing new opportunities.

Today is the UWB Diversity Conference. Thanks to Larissa for representing Cascadia on the planning group.  Next Friday is the Governor’s Conference on Race and Equity.  And April 29 is the DIA.  April seems to be the month for us to bring together all of our learning and be known for our commitment to intercultural competency.  I hope you’re learning something from the process and are finding ways to apply this to your work.

Have a great weekend.

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