Would you like some garlic with your garlic?

Although the Cascadia Cornucopia blog posts have been sparse, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t musings taking place in the edible food forest. Sure, it appears a bit barer than we remember it from last summer/early Fall. Have no fear; the berries, the kale, and the hazelnut will all reappear!

For now, Tyson is going to tell us about one plant that is working its magic underground and plans to join us in Summer 2016: The Garlic! The health benefits of this specimen are enormous, as are the sense of smell… uh, benefits.

Green Tip: Wait to pick the garlic until mid-summer.

Bonus Green Tip: Remember that to maintain a sustainable food forest, please do not use Cascadia’s Cornucopia as your grocery store. Save some for the masses, and pay attention to harvesting tips and techniques!

tyson and garlic

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