Friday Letter, 3-11-16

Todays’ Friday Letter is less about reading paragraphs from me and more about watching a video. Hopefully you find it as uplifting as I did.

Anne Tuominen sent me a video link recently about the Hygiene Kit Project you may have heard about. She and Emily Dvorak shared it at Faculty Assembly and I am further sharing it with campus.  She wrote me saying:

If you’ve got 3min40, you might enjoy a peek. (The fun stuff begins at the 1 min. mark.) Meagan is placing it as a thumbnail on the active learning tab on the College website.

The “fun” stuff are the music and pictures. But, honestly, I enjoyed the first minute just as much because you realize that this one project is the confluence of so many things that are “Cascadia”. It reflects our desire to teach through the lens of social issues, to incorporate Integrated Learning and community-based learning, and to jointly work with each other so that our international and domestic students form bonds. This last part reflects are commitment to global education.

Please take 3min40 to watch:

Note that I have much to report about day-to-day things in next week’s Friday Letter. The list is already full.  =)

Have a great weekend.

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