Friday Letter, 2-12-16

Thanks to all who attended the Human Rights Week activities. I was able to be a part of multiple “hallway conversations” on each day which leads me to think that each of the events helped people to consider the topics more deeply.  That’s exactly the outcome we hope to achieve.

Along the lines of “learning”, I have attached the Continuing Education catalog to the blog (Mailer2016_CCEC_Eastside). The catalog lists the course descriptions and other details.  For something a little more succinct, there is also a spreadsheet attached (cascadia-b564-classes) that lists the courses specifically offered at Cascadia.  In case you didn’t know, our Continuing Ed consortium includes Cascadia, Everett and (now) Lake Washington Tech.  And, in case you didn’t know, you get to take one class for FREE.  Just follow the sign-up instructions in the catalog.  The catalog will also be mailed via the US Postal Service to those employees who have not denoted that their address is “confidential” through HR.

I wanted to take a moment to also highlight some great (and critical) work being accomplished within Student Learning, Student Success and College Relations. Our relationships with the three school districts we serve is important to our success.  We have initiatives to not only expose students to Cascadia, but to also expose staff from the districts.  Along with that exposure, we work to improve our College in the High School offerings and Running Start logistics.  Not only does this work support our Strategic Plan, it is a way for us to more closely engage our counterparts in K-12 to work towards better student success. Here is a report from last week on our progress…

Lake Washington SD:

December 10th, 2015 – Cascadia delegation (Erin, Anna, Shawn, Erik, Todd and Gordon) visited LWSD offices along with representatives from LWIT to view LSWD’s Career and College Planning Software used by the district’s career counselors. We discussed college preparation, running start and tech prep.

In process: – Counselor visit to campus – Sara and Gordon are working with LWSD staff to get counselors to visit within the next couple of months.

Northshore SD:

December 16th, 2015 – Cascadia hosted Northshore counselors on campus. Staff representing admissions, financial aid and running start addressed the audience. Later Anna, Todd, Erik and staff from LWIT met to review the software used by Northshore high school counselors.

Riverview SD:

February 23rd, 2016 – Kris Panton (Running Start) and Gordon will visit Riverview School District offices to meet with their Lead District Counselor and Director of Teaching and Learning. The goal is to understand their insights, followed by a meeting with our high school counseling/career guidance staff on-site at Cedarcrest for a presentation on what we are doing with High School and Beyond Plans as well as sharing our transition from WOIS to Career Cruising as our College and Career Online Planning Tool.

March 8th, 2016 – Sara and Gordon are planning a visit to Cascadia by Riverview middle and high school counselors.

Thanks to all who participate in this process to make it work well.

Have a great weekend.

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