Friday Letter, 1-29-16

Read, Listen, View.


As noted last week, the final strategic plan was approved by the Trustees. As we clean up our my.cascadia and accreditation sites, we will find a permanent home for this document. So you can access the plan here Strategic Plan – Approved 1-20-16 and save it to your computer if desired. A glass of wine, a fire on a stormy night…and the Strategic Plan.

Every April from this point on we will conduct a Closing the Loop seminar that campus employees can attend to learn what we accomplished in each of our goal areas during the year. Data and updates will be shared. As well, we will solicit input on our process and future. Our first seminar is April 15, stay tuned. By closing the loop, it can help influence the budget cycle and future goal planning during spring and summer as we continue to engage our Core Themes (aka, our Strategic Plan).

And, as one more reminder. The Strategic Plan is comprised of FIVE Core Themes (1-5). Core Themes 1-3 are a sub-section…our Academic Plan. The same ole Academic Plan we’ve had for two years. Core Themes 4 & 5 are the new parts about how we assess student success and sustain the institution.


Special thanks to the entire team for putting together Human Rights Awareness Week, beginning Feb 8. Gene Taylor has stewarded this year’s process with help from the entire GEC team. A special acknowledgment to them for their talents. You can find the link to the events here and I hope you’ll stop by to listen to the speakers.

One of the events was brought to the special attention of our UWB colleagues by their Teaching & Learning Center Director in this email:

Cascadia College is hosting a Human Rights Week event in early February that will feature Fulbright Visiting Scholar Alejandro AnayaMuñoz from Mexico who will give a lecture on Human Rights Crisis in Mexico: Opportunities and Challenges.  

You are invited to join faculty, staff, and students on February 9th 11:00-12:30, at Mobius Hall.

The event is free but seating is limited. To reserve a seat please contact Lindsay Custer at by February 8th.

I love the fact that we continue to find ways to make our work relevant to them and continue in these efforts as a co-located campus. And thanks Lindsay for making this happen. You can find out more about this event here OLF-Presentation-Invite


Architecture is one of my interests. From home remodeling to learning about influences of architecture on our world today, I am fascinated by its impact. If you share this interest or want to take advantage of an opportunity, there is an upcoming exhibition about Louis Kahn and the Power of Architecture. He is responsible for such iconic buildings as the Salk Institute in San Diego


and the Sher-E-Bangla Nagar National Assembly Building (in Bangladesh).


He has had a global influence, including the fact that many of his buildings exist to represent human rights, which resonantes with not only our Human Rights week but also our focus on global issues. Here Louis Kahn Exhibition Overview_FINAL is some info about the exhibit and I hope you’ll find a chance to visit or share with your students.

Have a great weekend.

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