Happiness for College Students


This quarter, the students in my integrated learning course comprised of  COLL 101 and ENG 101 explored college strategies and writing within the context of our course theme: HAPPINESS. For their final project,  student “Happiness Detectives” explored various themes of Positive Psychology such as resilience, relationships, gratitude, generosity, and flow. They used their newly-acquired information literacy skills (thanks to Megan Watson, our course librarian!) to learn more about these happiness themes and to create a 4-5 minute happiness public service announcement (PSA) video with college students in mind.

I share their PSA videos with you below and I’ve included their bibliographies in case you’d like to be a happiness detective, too!

Gratitude Wins by Adam, Shelby, Amara, and Nina


Resilience by Luna, Dani, Sean, and Monica

Resilience Bibliography


Relationships by Solomon, Keandra, Christian, and Lauryn

Screen shot 2015-12-17 at 12.05.32 AMhttps://www.wevideo.com/embed/#540476583

Relationships Bibliography


Flow by Rachael, Gus, Danielle, Lauren, and Petru

Flow Bibliography


Generosity by Sarah, Emma, Makana, and Solena

Generosity Bibliography

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