The Sweet Life

by Saleel Al-Mezal and Cindy Phan, Cascadia Students


mocha cake

Mocha cake.

Food is a delicious, shared experience that transcends time and place. Each person incorporates their own creativity and experiences into their creations. People have the capacity to make gourmet savory treats that integrate their personality in their own homes. Baking is a creative science that enhances individuality. The days of following a specific recipe are over; it has evolved into an art. This form of art shares a story that is different and unique and now is the perfect time to share this story.

When we think of a baker, we usually envision someone who specializes in making desserts, such as the baker in The French Bakery. In addition to desserts, baking can be used to cook pasta, meat, and vegetable dishes as well. What makes baking different from all the other methods of cooking are the endless possibilities of desserts. You can recreate your favorite pasta, meat, and vegetable dishes through all the cooking methods like grilling, frying, steaming, and baking, but you can’t really fry a cake. Well, you can try, but it’ll come out flat, burnt, hard, and not so tasty.

This is the perfect time of year to whip out your measuring utensils and bake something festive and tasty. The smells and tastes add to the magic of baking. When the family comes together, everyone participates in appreciating desserts as edible works of art. Each time you bake, you go on a journey that is full of experiences and memories. A connection and magical transformation begins every time you pick up the whisk and mix the ingredients together. Everyone envisions a baker to be someone who specializes in desserts, but this becomes a narrow outlook on creativity and baking. Baking is not just a creative outlet, it is a language. Each time you see the expression of pure satisfaction when someone bites into your food, it becomes an extension of your creativity and with each bite people fall in love.

Baking is the perfect hobby for someone with a sweet tooth. It provides dessert seekers with endless ways to showcase their creativity, taste, and overall personality. The result will always be a delectable and edible piece of art. Just don’t forget the egg. The egg holds the art piece together.

Black bean brownie.

Black bean brownie.

snow white

The Snow White.

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