How a Stuffed Tiger Harnesses Creativity

by Nicholas Gonzales and Ji-Hee Pyon, Cascadia Students

How do you wear your clothes? The life of a child is just short of a miracle. Who else legswould think that there are monsters under the bed? Who else can ask adults questions that cause them to rethink their life’s decisions? Who else is capable of finding love with inanimate objects? Calvin was/is the star of the comic, Calvin and Hobbes. We all know just how imaginative children can be, but Calvin takes it to whole new level. Hobbes, his trusted advisor and best friend (also a stuffed tiger) reveals a side of Calvin that he tries to hide. Calvin wears his heart on his sleeve, his sleeve being Hobbes. The question of the day is do you wear your heart on your sleeve like Calvin? Of course you do! You just might not realize it! Through the clothes we wear, we say who we are.

For example, my dad tends to wear khakis, computerwith a tucked in polo, and New Balance running shoes. Sounds like he is a stereotypical American dad. The thing is, fashionhe’s not forced to dress this way, he chooses to. His outfit states “I’m a 40-something male who doesn’t party, works a 40 hour work week, and on Friday nights I like to watch a movie with my family.”

scarfWould you prefer to pick that message yourself? If so, you have just begun to harness your own creativity! Fashion is more than that. It bonds like people together as well.

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