All That Surrounds Us


by Diana Galvez and Kaylee Lorenz, Cascadia Students

Everything around us has a sense of creativity– from the way buildings are structured, to the way roads in a city are arranged, to the specific layout of a park. But more important than this is how each of us views these seemingly mundane things and how each of these views is essentially creative in itself. Walking down the street and noticing how a shadow of a building falls across the street in a certain interesting way is creative; or realizing the reflection of a tree or a sunset on the surface of a rippling lake is, too. These are creative moments each of us has daily that we may not even think about having.


Realizing how each of us views the world with our own brand of creativity is the start of living a creative life. Instead of thinking about how uncreative you are, think of how creative everything you do and see is. It is likely the world through your filter is different than how everyone else perceives it.


The next time you find yourself viewing something and thinking “wow, that looks cool,” capture that moment. We all carry around phones equipped with decent cameras – adding creativity to your life can be as simple as taking a phone or camera out of your pocket and pressing a button. Even if the object itself is not something that you yourself created, the fact that you viewed it or captured it perhaps in a way that nobody else would have means that you did something creative, as simple as it is.



For more on this student blogging project, visit the Everyday Creative page!

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