The Small Changes

by Sarah Peterson and Darian Tang, Cascadia Students

Many people may say they struggle with having a boring or uneventful life. These people believe that they need something BIG to add some spice to their life, when in reality it can be something as small and nonchalant as wearing a different type of clothing than they’re used to, or maybe listening to a different type of music on the way to work or class.  Check out what Cascadia student Sarah Peterson does to change things up:

“I have all sorts of random music on my iPod, and I always keep it on shuffle, so I never know what song will play next. It could be music from a Disney movie, the opening theme from one of my favorite anime, ’70s or ’80s rock, or a pop song from three years ago. I also sometimes listen to podcasts on my way to work, and since I take the bus, I often get weird looks from people when I’m almost doubled-over, trying not to burst out laughing.”

Creativity does not have to be this large, looming task. Creativity can be harnessed in a million ways, big or small. There is no set formula for it, though. You must realize what you find boring in your life, and then completely change it up. If you’re tired of the same song or ringtone waking you up every morning, change it to something you would never expect to wake up to. Instead of eating the same kind of cereal for breakfast, prepare something else; maybe as subtle of a change as eating oatmeal, or making a large change and eating an omelet. Wear some of the more vibrant clothes you have and see how people react, and if they notice. Maybe wear a nerdy t-shirt and, and you might be surprised by how many other people comment on it.











The trick to implementing creativity in everyday life is to analyze your daily schedule, and pick out the things that you may feel bore you or make life a little bland. Once you’ve singled these things out, flip them upside down. Adding a little extra creativity in your life is a choice! It doesn’t require anything large, just a few small tweaks in the every-day routine will help change your life for the better.

For more on this student blogging project, visit the Everyday Creative page!

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