Friday Letter, 10-23-16

Creativity…a phenomenon whereby something new and/or something valuable is formed. We use creativity to find our way out of problems, to venture into new domains, and to create wonderful things.  And, at Cascadia, creativity seems to be prevalent everywhere we look.

Take a look at the Cornucopia or the ARC. These are projects which have added so much character to the campus.  The creativity of all involved in those projects has manifested itself in very enduring ways.

Take a look at a new feature on the Integrate It blog. Courtney Putnam’s Yours Truly class is writing and posting articles to the site this quarter under the heading “Everyday Creative.”

Here is the link:

and if you scroll to the bottom, you can see there are two entries so far, “Beautiful Creations” and “Perspective.”

I delivered modeling clay to four departments this week…the Math/Writing Center, International Programs, The Center for Culture, Community and Inclusion, and the Veteran’s Resource Center. Below are the creations that came from these four departments.  Congrats to all of them.  Each department has 2 pizzas coming their way soon.  Thanks for participating.

VC ClayC4CCI ClayIP ClayMWC CLay

Next Friday is Halloween and I’m trying to be somewhat creative with my costume while using my shaved head as a cornerstone to the outfit. I’ll be delivering Top Pot Cascadia Donuts next Friday as well.  Just a token creative moment.

Thanks to the efforts of Dianne Fruit and The Center, Los Días de los Muertos (Days of the Dead, a holiday honoring the dead celebrated in much of the Spanish-speaking world) was a part of our week with several of Dianne’s students creating nearly 170 sugar skulls that were available for decoration. Creativity at its peak.

Over and over we see the results of our creative work and one of the things I enjoy most is working in an environment where creativity is valued. These few examples are just ones that came across my desk this week in some form.  I know there are dozens of other examples and I’m happy to highlight them along the way if you give me a heads up.

Have a great (and creative) weekend.

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