Change it Up

by Alex Chuprin and Tosha Lawson, Cascadia Students

Does life feel mundane? At times, does your life make you feel down or depressed? Every day you feel like you are stuck in the same routine? You wake up, take a shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, and eat breakfast. You go to work, go to school, or go to the store. You come home to see the same things again so you turn on the television or go on your phone for something entertaining and you watch the next episode of your show while multitasking on your phone. Still, you feel bored. Well we have just the thing for you. This idea is gonna sound crazy to you and even more crazy to follow through.


Do you sleep with your head to the headboard? Well we recommend you sleep with your feet at the headboard of your bed. That’s right, for at least one night flip yourself around and sleep the other way! Now that your ears will be pointing to a slightly different direction, you never know how the noises they pick up will influence your dreams at night. Or how the flow of our Earth’s magnetic field is now going the other way. Who knows what it might realign in your body and brain! And the next day it will give you something to think about.

Have you been buying the same toothbrush all your life? This may be news to you but at many stores there is a huge section stocked with myriads of different kinds of tooth brushes. Buy several different kinds and try brushing with different tooth brushes every week or heck, use a different one for each day of the week. Who knows what those different tingling and massaging sensations will awaken in your imagination. Maybe you will finally realize that you have been using the wrong toothbrush all this time!

Have you had the same hair style your whole life? Well we are happy to let you know that your hair is moldable, you can even change its color! Go on, splurge a little and go get yourself a new hairstyle!

hair1 hair2 hair3





Ever have lunch for breakfast? Breakfast for dinner? Well when you do, no one is gonna stop you and you will feel good breaking the imaginary, routinely rule. When watching T.V. put your phone down for a change and pay attention. Absorbing the information from the show will make you feel more accomplished rather it being a mundane task. Never watched a romantic comedy? Watch one, or two, or three. Never seen a war movie, the History channel, the cooking channel, or a news channel? Please, go out of your way and watch something new! It will inspire you.

Being creative comes in many different forms. Sure you can create something physical like art, but creativity is also behavioral. Walk down the hall and say hey!, hi!, wazz up! and say yo! to people and see the reactions from each! You always walk past so many beautiful things, so pull over and stare at the leaf that is changing color during fall, or that flower that is opening up in spring. Skip down the sidewalk, run in the rain. Write “be happy” on your underwear and see how that makes you feel. Even though no one can see it, you know, and you will walk with a smile on your face because, well, you know.

Feelings: that is what it’s all about. Changing it up stirs up those feelings we have about the world, about life. Be inspired, open up your mind and eyes to experience the world always anew and live life as it were an amusement park and you’ll see, things will be better. You are and your life is like a piece of art. Be daring and change things up.

For more on this student blogging project, visit the Everyday Creative page!

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