A new gardener, chocolate cake decor, and Cornucopia beauty!

Today we welcome Zach Bateman to Cascadia’s Cornucopia blog series. Zach has worked with the grounds crew off and on since 2010, and is excited to talk with us about his favorites in the edible food forest. If you’ve been taking a fancy to the edible garden, then you may have noticed a pretty purple and yellow flower popping up in one of the patches. The viola, while pretty to look at, is also a great medicinal flower and has been used for years as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic agent.

So, where do chocolate cakes fit into this? I’ll let Zach share his favorite way to prepare the viola!

Green tip: violas are sometimes annual or perennial, so please leave some for others so that it may grow and return year after year for all to enjoy! And, thank you to the secret planter to shared this gem with the Cornucopia!

zach and viola

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