Magic in Cascadia’s Cornucopia!

Tyson Kemper is back with us today to talk about the wonders that take place in the Cornucopia. All of the green beauty is a wonder… all of the edible plants is a wonder… all of the sustainability is a wonder… yet, Tyson is referring to the plants that mysteriously appear, and the gardeners were not responsible for planting said seeds. Our gardeners take serious care of any plants that pop-up in the food forest, like the two types of parsley discovered in the Cornucopia recently. Typically, you might think of this relative-to-the-celery as a garnish to your dish, but did you know that “rock celery” is highly nutritious?! #whoknew

Green tip: Watch the video below to learn how to harvest this biennial plant, and discover other fun facts about the parsley!


tyson and parsley

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