Friday Letter, 9-18-15

The excitement is building. Faculty are being seen in the hallways. Students are asking intriguing and challenging questions (according to my front desk secret agent) and final touches are being put on Convocation.

Next week launches pre-fall week in earnest and the weather seems to be staying consistent with fall. The campus is turning into a multitude of colors, so take time to enjoy the wetlands and campus environs this week before it gets too hectic.

I toured the ARC this week. The Activities & Recreation Center is coming along nicely. They open officially the first week of October, so make sure you get a chance to poke around.

I made it to several community functions this week. The area Democrats were hosting their monthly meeting and asked me to come talk about the college. I know for sure I was the youngest person in the room by 20 years. Unfortunately, all my technology failed, so I gave a non-powerpoint speech with a colorful narrative. It was actually quite fun to create a presentation at the last minute to explain the college using only what I could describe and not charts and pictures. Maybe I was a tent revivalist in a former life.

I also am a part of a new group of agency heads in the Northshore area who are convening to talk about how we handle diversity issues in and around Bothell. The school district, the city, and other agencies are convening a stakeholders group to determine if we can all educate and respond in a similar way while supporting each other.

Finally, in regards to community commitments, I moderated the Bothell City Council’s Candidates Forum last night. Six individuals are vying for three seats on our local city council. This may well change the way Bothell operates for the next few years. I was glad to moderate as it reinforces the college’s role in the community.

To close up this letter, a couple of comments about Convocation next Monday, 2pm sharp.

Please remember that each person at your table will be given 3 minutes to teach your tablemates something. It can be anything, from how to whistle, to a magic trick, to an effective way to apply polyurethane. Anything you want, but only three minutes. You can bring small props if you like. Should you not prepare, then you’ll have to think on your feet. And since we don’t get 100% readership of the Friday Letter, please remind your colleagues.

Second, we will be briefly sharing the group Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) results. If you have not yet completed the IDI or your individual IDI debrief, I encourage you to watch this 27-minute video created by IDI in order to learn more about the IDI and the various orientations along the scoring continuum: We will not have time on Monday to discuss the group results in too much detail, and so the video will support you in better understanding the group scores you will be seeing. If you have completed your individual IDI debrief, the following 4-minute video shares specifically how the IDI can be applied in the workplace:

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday

Have a great weekend!

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