Friday Letter. 9-11-15

Good morning. Welcome to Friday. Each week we start to ratchet up for the grand opening. Thank you for helping us get there successfully.

A week from Monday (9/21) is Convocation. We will begin with an opening exercise at our tables. I wanted to prepare you for that exercise now. The exercise is called Each One Teach One. Each member of the table will have three minutes to teach the rest of the table something. As an example, I caught my mom chopping an onion in the most inefficient way a few years ago. She had never learned how to chop an onion using its natural geometry such that she could avoid many minutes of teary eyes. So, I taught her how. You may have a trick of the trade, a little skill, something basic…anything that can be taught in three minutes. Bring a prop if desired, but not necessary. Happy teaching!

We had some fun and exciting experiences this week:

The Beardslee Public House, across the street, donated 10% of their first month’s beer sales to the Foundation. I hope you enjoyed a brew at their new location! Their total gift, presented by Chef John Howie this week, was almost $3000. UWB received the same amount. Our portion went to the Bill Christopher scholarship fund which helps first generation students. The donation pushed that endowment to threshold such that it can start distributing money in the form of scholarship dollars next year.

Rosemary and I had lunch with the new faculty last Friday at their system-wide orientation. Welcome to Debra (Comm), Jeff (Chem), Abigail (ESTP), and Soraya (Soc). Choosing to go to a wedding in Japan over having lunch with us was Emily (ELP).  Rosemary and I were not too offended. =) Welcome to Emily as well.

The Trustees had their end of summer retreat this week and are ready to hit the pavement after their summer hiatus. Information regarding the Foundation and our Academic Plan, the yearly summer data report, the budget and plans for the coming year were reviewed. I will be sending out the summer data report next week for all to have a look.

The buzz around campus is picking up. The Activities and Recreation Center is just about to open. That’s exciting for the student life staff who are now working from their new location. They are engrossed in training student leaders and getting furniture in place at the moment. But be sure to check out the new building in about 2 weeks.

We are also instituting New Employee Orientation Part 2 starting this year. Most of us have gone through Part 1. We’ve decided to break this up into two parts because we feel it important to bring even more depth to the things we want to share while on-boarding new employees. The first installment occurs this month. My role is to talk about campus governance. One of my favorite topics. =)

And in case you haven’t noticed, Leadership Eastside has been with us this week as we host their annual summer kick-off event.

So, lots happening. Have a great weekend!

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