Friday Letter, 9-4-15

All clap for the return of the Friday Letter.

<Insert songs of joy and trumpets>

The return of the Friday Letter also means that summer is coming to a close and that the academic year is about to get going.  I hope for all of us that summer has been a time of planning, vacationing, and connecting in ways that we might not do during the other 9 months of the year.

For the many of you new to campus, the Friday Letter is a weekly publication from the President’s desk and focuses on several things.  I try to convey campus news for things that I find significant and that all should know about.  I also use it to keep you abreast of where I am and what I am doing.  My work takes me off campus a lot and I find it helpful to share the connections I’m making.  Lastly, I try to give shout-outs when I can for exceptional work.  Since I am not in the know about many accomplishments by individuals, you are welcome to share with me worthy news.  I try to keep the Letters to one page, so know that I’m looking for one or two sentence items.

As you read the Friday Letter, feel free to comment in the section below.  Everyone can view those comments.  OR, the Letter is an invitation for you to email me directly with thoughts.  I rely on the Letter as the main source of important information, so I’d encourage you to read it weekly.

I didn’t write weekly during the summer because of a) my vacation schedule and b) the fact that so much of what I wanted to share was in flux.  As of today, I’m excited for fall to begin because important tasks have begun to gel.

  • The Bachelor’s program is coming together with 17 students (as of today) in the fall cohort. Our goal was 15.
  • A small group has done some great work on the academic plan and directions for next year are coming together.
  • The budget has landed in a decent place and all but one variable has been resolved.
  • Most of our new employees have been hired and are getting oriented.
  • Work on Pluralism initiatives continued and we made great progress in our planning.
  • We are well connected with our school districts and have established initiatives for 15-16.
  • We processed a lot of administrative feedback both from the employee satisfaction survey and faculty leadership survey. We have initiatives planned to address concerns and hopefully help Cascadia become a more effective work place.

These are just a few of the things headed in the right direction.  There are many more.  Our all-employee potluck is at the lunch hour on Monday, Sept 21 followed by convocation at 2:00pm.  Everyone is expected to be in attendance at Convocation.  We will spend time reviewing some of the exciting things that took place over the summer and our directions for 15-16.

Thank you to the staff and faculty who contributed to our summer efforts.  Assessment and planning is most effective when we work collaboratively and I am happy about the input we received from all sectors of campus.

Have a great weekend!

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