Kale, kale, everywhere kale!

Have you seen the beautiful green plants growing next to the library, and in front of CC1? If you haven’t, then you need to pull your face away from your phone and check out Cascadia’s Cornucopia! This food forest is filling the kalecampus with life, and an abundance of edible plants. Each week we hope to bring you a taste of the Cornucopia, and through our green thumb staff, show you how to gather up a bundle to take home today!

Today we begin with the most well-known-at-first-glance plant, kale. As the title of this post states, kale is growing out of the ears right now, so we encourage you to stock up. This is no joke, folks. Watch the video below as Tyson Kemper gives us his overview of kale, and the best way to harvest. Green Tip: Keep kale fresh after harvesting by putting it in a glass of water.



3 thoughts on “Kale, kale, everywhere kale!

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