Friday Letter, 6-25-15

So begineth the Friday Letters on Thursday (FLOT).  Congratulations to the students, faculty, and staff who successfully participated in and organized a great graduation ceremony.  Let this be your reminder:

Graduation 2015

We are now onto a summer schedule with a small reprieve before Summer Quarter.  Let’s recap what the summer will look like…

TASK FORCES:  Planning work gets done over the summer and there will be groups working on merging our accreditation and planning documents, determining how to implement Year Two of the Academic Plan, figuring out our physical space and scheduling to maximize FTE, finishing up safety department recommendations, and finishing up Committee analyses.

EVALUATIONS:  Towards the end of summer, we begin yearly employee evaluations.  Academic leadership will also receive their evaluations (conducted this spring) and the executive team will start their 360 reviews (conducted every three years).

DIA:  We’ll finish delivering the “debriefs” from having taken the Intercultural Development Inventory.  You may still take the Inventory and receive a debrief if you want.  Please contact Samantha or Gina in HR to get your link activated.  We’ll revisit the diversity initiative at Convocation in September.

VACATIONS:  Many of us will vacate for a while.  I’ll be away next week, so the FLOT will return on Thursday July 9.  Dede keeps a list of who is in charge, so check in with her if you need guidance.  Speaking of our beloved Dede (now called Nonna), she became a proud first-time Grandma on Tuesday.  Charlotte Ann and mother are doing well.  So is Nonna, which is Italian for Grandma.


  • We finished the new business plan for the Foundation.  This will now be reviewed by the Advisory Council and sent to the Trustees at the end of the summer.
  • We signed an MOU with Bastyr to offer a blended 4-year program.  Students will start with us Year One, take classes from both Bastyr and us in Years Two & Three, and then be fully at Bastyr in Year Four. We’re starting with the Integrated Biology degree.  Because of this new relationship, Bastyr is not pursuing the idea of having Year One and Year Two classes on their campus.  We will expand to other degrees if the program works well.  Thanks to Dr. Todd for his work over the last 7 months at putting this together.
  • I’m doing 8 hours of Contract and Procurement training today…a state requirement. (No, this is not exciting, I just wanted to share the misery.)
  • The Bothell Chamber of Commerce Open House was on campus last night.  And you may have seen other groups this week.  We are starting our conference/hosting season, so there will be lots of strange faces on campus.  Please help with directions when you can.
  • And we have named the new edible forest!  Congratulations to Rod Cowley for his successful suggestion…the Cascadia Cornucopia.  The area will now be referred to as the Cornucopia, or in the presence of the Queen, Cascadia Cornucopia.  Check out more about the Cornucopia and how to harvest Kale here.

Have a great weekend, a great next week, and a great 4th of July holiday.

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