Friday Letter, 6-12-15

Graduation is next Friday.  Wow…it got here fast.  I look forward to seeing all Cascadia employees out on the green.  The weather looks promising and it should be a great day.  I also look forward to seeing everyone at today’s End of Year Celebration (2:30pm, Mobius).  If you are new to Cascadia, this is our event to celebrate tenure, service to the college, retirements, and awards for excellence.

Besides Graduation, next week includes the President’s Coffee House.  Tuesday, 4-6pm.  There will be a variety of coffee drinks, iced coffee, and the Irish Kiss (coffee with cream, hazelnut and a dash of chocolate).  If you’re not a late afternoon coffee drinker, please come by for some refreshing, designer Water and a piece of coffee cake.  This is the current replacement to the President’s Pub, so I hope you’ll join us for a coffee break.

There has been a suggestion that maybe a future President’s Pub could be a “Dance Edition”.  Besides my romp with the Swing a few months ago, we have a team raising money for The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas through a 5-hour dance-off.  Formerly known as 826 Seattle, this organization provides services from mentoring and after-school tutoring to literary workshops and field trips.  Scores of volunteers commit to providing free-of-cost programs to K-12 young people so their fearless ideas and voices can be affirmed, printed, published, heard through microphones, and on local radio stations.  Our team consists of Jessica K-W, Nano, Robyn, Sara, and Midori.  They could use some help with their dance fund-raising goal, so check out their All Around Sass-a-Frass fundraising page if interested.

The Food Forest is piquing people’s interest and generating questions, which is great.  One question that is popping up regularly is what will happen to the food that is grown. There are no specific plans at the moment for the food growing in the food forest, e.g. donating it to a food bank.  We are intentionally taking an organic, build it and they will come/eat/learn approach.  The Food Forest is meant to be used as a teaching tool and as a space that can provide intimate hands on learning opportunities for the community.  It is also meant to demonstrate sustainable land management practices, an ecological gardening approach, and a new way to consider urban reforestation.  Faculty are encouraged to creatively incorporate it into their class curriculum as much as possible.

We are in the process of preparing some harvesting guidance for the greens and will make that available shortly.

Did you know which college or university tops the list of median wages after graduation?  Well, according to a new legislative document reported by the Seattle Times, it is not UW.  It is, in fact, Bellevue College.  The Applied Baccalaureate degrees being offered by the CTC’s are leading to successful employment and great wages.  Check out the article on this development.  This reflects well on our intent to provide a higher level of education for in-demand technical jobs.  Hopefully our BAS leads to the same great results.

Although we are winding down the 2014-15 academic year, some are beginning to think about the 2015-16 season and what that brings.  Not only will we have Cavolines, but there will be a number of other initiatives that align with the Academic Plan.  We’ll bring you a list at September’s Convocation, but I’d like to remind all employees and supervisors that participation in professional development, committees, and all-campus events is a necessary part of keeping our community informed and functioning.  Every employee (who is getting their work completed satisfactorily) should be encouraged to be a part of those functions.  If you’re not feeling that love, check in with HR for guidance.

I hope your week has been good and you get rested for a busy week starting on Monday.  Don’t forget on-going assessment demonstrations (Teach Out!) that begin Monday!  The schedule was attached to the cover email, and is included in a link at end of this post.  Have a great weekend.

Teach Out Schedule S2015

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